ARC Review: Enmity by E.J. Andrews


by E.J. Andrews
Publication date: April 1st 2014
Category: YA
Genre: Dystopian, Science Fiction
Source: eARC from NetGalley

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Love vs Life.
Good vs Evil.
War vs Warfare.

Which would you choose?

After a solar flare wipes out most of the world’s inhabitants, it leaves behind nothing but a desolate earth and a desperate population. Existence is no longer a certainty. And with factions now fighting for the power to rule, people start to become reckless with their lives. The world has become a dangerous place.

Amongst the ensuing chaos, Nate and Hermia — two victims of the new world order — are taken against their will to The Compound. Joined by eight other teenagers all chosen for a specific reason, Nate and Hermia are forced to train as assassins to overthrow the current president and make way for a new leader of the free world. Here, they learn to plan, fight, and most importantly… to survive.

Except, despite the casual cruelty of their new existence, both Nate and Hermia — two very strong but very different people — begin to form fragile bonds within the group. But they soon realize their happiness is short lived…because their training is just the beginning.

A war awaits…regardless of how ready or willing they may be.

~My Thoughts~

Enmity begins the same day most of the world is wiped out by a solar flare. The story starts with great anticipation as we are shown how the shit hits the fan. The first chapter seemed so promising and I was so thrilled to be reading it. In the next chapter we fast forward sixty years and get the alternating POV’s from Hermia and Nate — two teenagers living different lives in the same ruined world, trying to survive the best they can. We’re now shown how much things have changed with kids their ages doing unimaginable things to stay afloat, but then the story goes a little off the rails, some of it stops making a whole lot of sense. The world was desecrated by a solar flare, but they can still stop at an ATM machine on their way home? There were a lot of things that didn’t quite add up. It definitely wasn’t lacking in action once Hermia and Nate were “kidnapped” and forced to become guns for hire, but it didn’t quite make up for the plot holes. I also wish there would have been more distinction between the voices of Hermia and Nate. The narration was quite monotone, which made it feel as if the whole thing was told by the same character, or same type of character, even though the story was told from the view of two people who were supposed to be very different.

The idea behind this dystopian tale is absolutely fabulous, but overall the execution was lacking. I found myself skimming a lot throughout this book and was left feeling bored. I was really looking forward to reading a new dystopian story, but unfortunately Enmity did not fill that void for me. This is a debut novel by E.J. Andrews. I’m willing to bet that with some feedback and more experience, she could put out some pretty great stories.

~About the Author~

e.j. andrews

E.J. Andrews was raised in a small town on the west coast of New Zealand by a gold miner with a fascination for guns and a nurse with an obsession with dragons.

Growing up, E.J. constantly felt that she needed to write down the vivid thoughts going around her head, but it wasn’t until her aunt gave her John Marsden’s Tomorrow series to read that her writing bloomed and her interest in books became a full-blown fixation.

At the age of eighteen she decided to live with her sister in Brisbane, Australia, where she found a job working at a boat club on the beautiful Moreton Bay. In between split shifts and while others her age were out enjoying their adolescence, E.J. was writing well into the early hours, trying to get down those ever-present ideas of a not-so-bright future.

E.J. now lives on the Redcliffe peninsula with her partner and their cat Senga.

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