Book Blast & Giveaway! Chasing Prophecy by James Moser

chasing prophecy

Chasing Prophecy
by James Moser
Publication date: January 2nd 2014
Category: YA
Genre: Paranormal Thriller

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Mo is a shy teen just trying to survive high school. He has secretly fallen in love with a girl named Prophecy. Some people call her family a harmless hippie community. Others call them a cult. Desperate to keep their land, Prophecyโ€™s family turns to the drug trade and tricks Mo into smuggling. Prophecy flees the compound. She agrees to testify but disappears. Mo is devastated. When he is called to trial, the Family threatens to reveal his own drug trafficking. Mo commits to speaking out, though doing so will destroy his future. Prophecy returns to help Mo kill the monster that her family has become.


~Author Spotlight~

James Moser, on Chasing Prophecy

I have always wanted to build a story around someone or something like Boo Radley, my all-time favorite literary character. I love how he dominates that book while remaining largely off-stage. I looked around the Seattle area and the closest thing I could think of was our local legend of Bigfoot. Once I had my own version of Nathan Arthur Radley in place, I started thinking a lot about monsters, especially monsters we make bigger in our imagination. I also thought about Boo living in society without being a part of it, which made me think of different separatist groups turned into cults. My young characters are based on bits and pieces of hundreds of former students.

The setting of Boulder Creek, Washington, like everything else in the book, is based on bits and pieces of lots of things. There is no town called that. Boulder Creek is where my wife and I hiked for our first date, in the foothills of the north Cascade Mountains. The mountains in my book look like the ones around Darrington, in Snohomish County. The main street is like Arlington (where I had my first teaching job). The log bridge is something I remember from a family trip to Yellowstone National Park, 1,000 miles away. People who have read Twilight will think Boulder Creek feels like Forks, which it does, because thatโ€™s what every small town in Washington feels like. The Bethlehem compound is the Boy Scout camp I attended in northern Idaho, complete with the same wood carvings on the fireplace.

My mission in writing this is to entertain adults and inspire young adults. Teenagers inspire the heck out of me, which is why Iโ€™ve been a high school teacher for so long. I wanted characters who transform themselves to overcome obstacles, which is what I watch them do, every day!

~About the Author~


The author works with high school students because young adults inspire him. As such, he wanted to write about teenagers transforming themselves to overcome obstacles, which is what he watches them do every day. This book’s mission is to entertain adults while inspiring teens. The result is “Chasing Prophecy,” a story about love, loss, redemption, and monsters.

Boo Radley is the author’s all-time favorite literary character, which is how the Seattle-area legend of Bigfoot entered “Chasing Prophecy”.

The author lives in Seattle with his beautiful wife and lively eight year old son. When he’s not reading and writing, or talking about reading and writing, he’s watching too much television and snacking on frozen treats from Trader Joe’s. Man, those things are good.

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  • Carol Savoy-Fox

    Thank you for the chance to win and I am also looking forward to reading Chasing Prophecy.

  • Jim

    This looks fantastic! Thanks for such a kind and professional presentation of my work!
    Toni’s Followers:
    Chasing Prophecy is 99 cents until Sunday evening. Hope you like it & thanks for your support!
    Jim the author in wet ‘n windy Seattle, Washington

    • It’s my pleasure, Jim! I’m looking forward to reading this, and passing it along to my teenage son as well.

  • Robbie B

    Thanks for the chance to read your book

  • Teresa4

    I’m so glad theirs another decent YA book out for our impressionable teens. You being a high school teacher puts you in the position to understand what they like to read and want. Congratulations on your book. I wish you much success.

    • Jim

      Thanks for the comment. Yeah, I for sure wrote it w/ students + my own kids in mind. Some of the subject matter leans adult but there’s no sex or drug use, & just a handful of profanities in the dialogue, mainly by the bad guy. I thought what could I teach with a straight face & revised with that in mind. Hope you like it & yeah the response has been amazing so far. Don’t pinch me, I do not want to wake up. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Very good point, Teresa!

  • Mike Bolter

    Sounds like an interesting one!

  • Wanda Craighead

    Very hard to find interesting YA books for my teenager. This seems to fit the bill. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Jim

      Would love to know what your teen thinks. I love all the adult interaction so far but have only heard from a handful of kiddos. Would love to hear your son or daughter’s thoughts, whether it’s good (da ‘sickness’) or bad (da ‘deathness’). Or at least that’s how they talk in Seattle. ๐Ÿ™‚ If I see “da sickness” on an Amazon review I’ll know that’s Wanda’s kid. ๐Ÿ™‚ take care. Jim

  • Crisi Riquelme

    Thanks for the chance, looking forward to read it.

  • Angela Searles

    Looks like a great read!

  • Laura R.

    Interesting book,looking forward to reading it. And thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Kristina Vallaste

    Sounds interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Denise Z

    Definitely sounds intriguing. Thank you for sharing Chasing Prophecy with us ๐Ÿ™‚