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The Silver Siren
by Chanda Hahn
Series: Iron Butterfly #3
Publication date: May 27th 2013
Category: YA
Genre: Fantasy

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Every journey has an end.
Unable to find the answers she sought in Skyfell, Thalia, Joss, and Kael travel to Haven with a prisoner in tow. An attack on the road waylays their plans, and Thalia finds herself traveling alone with Kael to the hidden sanctuary of the SwordBrothers.
But war is on the horizon and the Raven is amassing his army. This time, the target is not Calandry, but the Sirens of Sinnedor. When family ties are revealed, Thalia must choose sides. Desperate to break the final seal on her power and save those she loves, will Thalia willingly taste the bitter pain of the iron butterfly machine one final time?



“Will you stay close?” It sounded crazy coming from my own mouth, but I needed him near.
“I’ll stay as close as you want,” he whispered. Then he sat near me cross-legged. “Is this good?” A small smile played at the corner of his lips.
Nodding my head, I curled up in his bedroll and immediately felt comfortable and safe. I yawned and inhaled the smell of him from his blanket. I was definitely tired.
“Thalia?” Kael leaned over and spoke into my ear.
“Hmmm?” I answered.
“Why don’t you want me to leave?”
“Mmm. ’Cause you keep the bad things away,” I mumbled sleepily.
“What if I am the bad thing?” His thick voice questioned. Was that a hint of fear I heard?
“You’re not,” I answered honestly.
I was almost asleep when I heard shuffling. My eyes flew open, and I reached out to grab Kael’s arm. He looked at me in surprise.
“I’m just getting comfortable,” he smirked.
“Promise you won’t leave me,” I demanded tiredly.
Kael nodded, and I let sleep finally win. But I swore I heard him whisper under his breath. “Never.”

~About the Author~


Chanda is a bestselling and award winning author of the UnEnchanted: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale series and the Iron Butterfly series. She’s been a bestseller in five countries and was named one of Amazon’s top 100 customer favorite author. She uses her experience as a children’s pastor, children’s librarian and bookseller to write compelling and popular fiction for teens. She was born in Seattle, WA, grew up in Nebraska and currently resides in Portland, Oregon with her husband and their twin children.

Chanda’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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  • Becky Stephens

    Looks like an interesting series. I haven’t started it yet, but I picked up the first book in the series. Thank you for posting the link.

  • Marisella Russell

    Looks like a very interesting series. Cant wait to start!

  • Monica Pulliam

    I LOVE this series!

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    I haven’t started the series yet but I’ve bought the first book 🙂

  • Susan Pigott

    I picked up The Iron Butterfly yesterday, thank you. I am starting reading this one tonight, then on to the next one!

  • cherylslife

    This seems like a nice fantasy based romance series. I also like that the author likes to twist some of the fairy tales around and make them have more intrigue!

  • Steph

    Not yet but looking forward to starting the first book!

  • Lee Todd

    thanks for the giveaway

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    Sweet giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win 🙂

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    This book is sounding very intriguing! Good luck with its publication!

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    I have started reading The Iron Butterfly. I love Thalia’s strength and her determination. Also her ability to overcome the horrors of her past. I would really enjoy winning a ebook of The Silver Siren.