Excerpt & Giveaway! Within by Aaron Bunce

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by Aaron Bunce
Series: Overthrown, Volume # 1
Publication date: June 27th 2014
by Autumn Arch Publishing
Category: Adult
Genre: Fantasy

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The knowledge that his mother died in childbirth haunts Roman, and when his father dies suddenly, he is left with only questions. His simple life of seclusion and survival is shattered when he meets Dennah, a vibrant young caravan guard. When the dark shadow of death settles over Bardstown, Roman and Dennah are haphazardly thrown into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, one played against unsavory men. Julian grew up with wealth and prominence, but when he pledges himself to the illustrious Silver Guard, his life takes a turn north, to the mountain city of Craymore. A violent attack on the city forces Julian to step forward, and face the brutal and almost fatal realities of war. A fateful meeting with Tanea, a gifted young healer, sets him onto a treacherous path, one of both divinity, and damnation. The brisk winds of autumn herald the inevitable turn to winter, but beneath the tranquil landscape, a far more sinister change is brewing. Separated by leagues of wilderness, Roman and Julian are forced to fight for their survival, against a force set in motion by a most unsuspecting young woman, and a beast intent on setting its world back in order. Introducing Within, the first installment in an all-new fantasy series.


Her thoughts raced, as she tried to take stock of the situation, but none of it seemed to make any sense. Each footstep forward was slow and sounded impossibly loud against the gritty floor. She took each step tentatively, waiting for some sound or clue from Luca or the others as she wormed her way through the darkness.
The quiet that permeated the halls seemed absolute. Each breath erupted from her in a cacophony, violating the stillness of the air and making her tense. The rooms and hallways were confusing in the dark. She had never imagined the layout was this elaborate from looking at it from the outside.
Up ahead, around a corner she heard him again. It was little more than a quiet mewling, one that sounded scared, desperate and alone. As she went, Eisa passed a portion of the exterior wall that had fallen away. A dim light streamed in here, throwing everything into a bleak contrast of black shadow and grey glow. In the faint light something sparkled. Eisa bent low and untangled the item from the bramble against the wall. It was a women’s circlet, a decorative headdress of finely polished silver. Of the many stones that had been set into the piece, only one remained, it was a rather large remarkably clear emerald.
At any other time Eisa would have been transfixed by the luxurious piece of jewelry, captivated by the depth and sparkle of the stone, but now she hardly gave it a second thought. She moved to drop the circlet to the ground, but then she heard Luca again, and this time he sounded closer than ever.
She clutched to the circlet as she passed a doorway, then two, and skidded to a halt. Eisa turned and bent in the gloom, amidst the dust and rubble was a single leather shoe. It was Luca’s shoe. From within the room echoed another soft whimper.

~About the Author~

Aaron Bunce - Bio Photo

Raised on a robust diet of fiction, Aaron’s writing ambitions span the depths of fantasy, to the heights of science fiction, (with more than a few stops in-between). His sweeping interests add fresh perspective and a unique voice to his writing, with more than a little emphasis on good ole fashion drama, and deep readable characters. Aaron’s first completed novel, Within, was released in June 2014, and combines all of the elements he loves about fantasy, horror, action, and yes, even a little romance. He is feverishly working on the follow up, Before the Crow, which he hopes to have completed sometime in 2015, as well as a currently untitled steampunk novel. Aaron lives outside Cedar Rapids, Iowa with his wife and two daughters.

Aaron has a minor in Criminal Justice from Kirkwood Community College, and will receive a B.A in English, Creative Writing-Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University in early 2015.

For more information about Aaron, as well as interactive map and series particulars, check out his website: http://aaronbunce.com

Aaron’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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