Discussion Post: Balancing Book Tours

How Do You Balance Your Book Tours?


Just as easily as you can request too many book from Netgalley or Edelweiss, do you find, as a book tour host, that it’s way too easy to overload yourself with book tours? I went a little nuts when I first learned about book tours and became a host, for several different book tour websites. I wanted to say yes to almost every email I received, but I have since tried to slow down.

Here’s my dilema: I get an email announcing a book tour and it’s for, let’s say, the second week of May. So I think, OK I don’t have anything for that week so I’ll say I’m available on any date so I’m more likely to get a spot. A couple days later I get another email announcing another super cool tour that I don’t want to pass up and it’s for the second week of May too. Oh, snap! I want to do both, but I have no idea what date I’m going to get for the first tour, or if I’m even going to get a spot! What do you do in this situation?

I’m obviously going to have to start giving only two dates for any tour I sign up for, but still… how do you keep track of it all? I have been saving the original email with my response attached in a book tour folder, but it’s a lot to keep track of when I don’t even know if I’m going to get a spot.

So back to my question: How do you, as a host, balance your book tours? And let me just say that my hat goes off to everyone that runs these book tours. If being on this end is difficult to manage, I can only imagine the horror of keeping track of these tours.

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