Discussion Post: Reviewing Graphic Novels, Comic Books and Books of Art


Hello, all my fellow book nerds! I hope you have been enjoying your weekend. I’ve been super lazy, my favorite way to be lately — on the couch with a blanket and good book. Our weather here in Michigan hasn’t been the greatest so I haven’t had any desire to be outside. I don’t know where spring has sprung, but it definitely isn’t here. (I wrote that and then went outside and it’s sixty degrees. lol) Anyway…

I was recently schooled on the fabulous world of Netgalley. I know, I’m probably the last one in the world to know about this magical place. While browsing through their vast selection of books, that I’ve requested more than my fair share of (does that seem to happen to everyone?), I noticed that they have graphic novels and art books as well. I requested two of them, not realizing what I was getting myself into. I’ve never reviewed a graphic novel or a book filled with art and no words. I am pretty sure that I can pull together a review for this, as I can appreciate graphic art just as much as reading a book, but uncertain about the type of approach I want to take. Besides being an avid reader of fiction, I am also a lover of graphic novels and video games. I appreciate the beauty and intricacy involved in creating such resplendent artwork. I hope that my love of this genre will help me to put together a worthy review.

So… I have some questions for all of you. I would love as much feedback on this topic as possible, since I’ve taken it upon myself to color outside the lines with these recent requests.

Have you ever written a review for a graphic novel, comic book, or a book of artwork? If so, what was your approach to this genre? If not, are you strongly against adding reviews of this nature to your blog?

For those of you that just enjoy reading and don’t write reviews, would you like to see an occasional review about books that are out of the ordinary, such as a book of art or a graphic novel?

Please feel free to flood my comments with responses to this topic. As I said before, I’m not venturing out anytime soon and would love have a nice discussion with my fellow book enthusiasts! 🙂

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