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Happy Little Horrors: Freak Show
by Various authors
Publication date: October 4th 2014
Category: Anthology
Genre: Horror

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Happy Little Horrors is an anthology produced by author David Reuben and editor Monique Happy. Some of the best authors in the horror genre are represented, including Michael Robertson, Craig McDonough, Derrick LaCombe, David Reuben, C.L. Hernandez, Joseph A. Coley, James Michaels, Tania Cooper, Eila Oakes, Brandon Ryals, Michael Clary, Kya Aliana, Allen Gamboa, Dean Wild, John McIlveen, Toni Lesatz, Brandon Cracraft, and Steven G. Bynum.


Ashes to Ashes by Toni Lesatz

“Who are you?” I asked. “Why are you following me?”
“My name is Nathaniel, and I am here to help you.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m here to help you,” he repeated. “I’m a—”
“Oh, I get it. You’re in league with that crazy psychic lady, Rowena,” I said, thrusting my finger at him accusingly. “That’s why you were standing outside of her tent.”
It was all becoming clear. This was a con. I was being conned by a bunch of carnies.
“Well, it was … great running into you,” I said, not hiding my sarcasm, “but I have to find my boyfriend now.”
I wandered back through the funhouse, yelling over and over for Marcus. My voice had reached a level of panic even I didn’t recognize, and my heart pounded relentlessly in my chest. The air felt thin and I began gasping for breath. I need to get out of this place!
I thought about how I should have just gone on the damn roller coaster like Marcus had suggested. It would’ve been over by now, I thought. At the very least, I would have been outside in the fresh air instead of trapped in a labyrinth with a stalker, and no idea how to get back to Marcus.
“Mar-cus!” I screamed again and again. My voice traveled along the glass walls, bouncing and echoing back at me through each turn. My head began to buzz and spin like one of those carnival rides that made me puke. I felt like I was floating for a moment and then dark spots dotted the edge of my vision. Oh no, please don’t let me pass out in this hellhole!
A piercing scream escaped my lips the moment I felt a pair of strong arms grip my midsection.

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~About the Author~

Toni Lesatz

Toni Lesatz is a wife, mother, author, blogger, gamer and lover of the culinary arts. Her short stories, Ashes to Ashes and Dead World, will release in fall 2014. She is currently writing her debut dark fantasy novel, which she hopes to have in reader’s hands by spring 2015.

Toni’s book blog, My Book Addiction, won the UtopYA Blog of the Year award in 2014. She enjoys promoting fellow authors, and has recently taken on the role of Editorial Director for the Book Hub side of Indie-Visible: Literary Justice For All.

Toni lives in Michigan with her husband and three children. If she’s not writing or curled up with a book, you’ll most likely find her playing with her kids, baking cupcakes, watching Supernatural, or killing zombies.

Toni’s Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Amazon Profile


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About the artist: Zombie Portrait artist Rob Sacchetto is a 25 year veteran freelance artist and he has been illustrating custom zombie portraits full-time since 2006. He was the first artist to offer a custom zombie portrait service and his commissions remain the most sought after. In fact, Sacchetto was commissioned to create a zombie portrait for Greg Nicotero; the co-executive producer, director and special effects make-up designer on AMC’s The Walking Dead. In addition, the staff of The Talking Dead also recently commissioned Rob to create a custom zombie portrait for show host Chris Hardwick.

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