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e virus

E Virus: The Diary of a Modern Day Girl
by Jessica Ward
Series: The Beginning of the End #1
Publication date: May 13th 2014
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Post-apocalyptic, Zombies

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Set in the familiar locations of Cheshire, the world of this tech savvy, shoe loving Cheshire Girl is thrown into complete chaos as the E-bola outbreak spreads throughout the world, wiping out entire nations whilst fast approaching the UK.

When the virus finally reaches the UK the whole country is thrown into bedlam. With work and school cancelled, and the whole country living in a lawless state. She has to quickly shift her priorities.

The drama in her day to day life become less and less significant as the virus destroys the world around her.
With crazed E-bola ridden colleagues, friends and citizens lurking around each corner she must learn to not only survive. But find a way to fight off the horde of infected, hell bent on succumbing her to the same disease that has already taken so many.

After locking herself away in her apartment with her Fiancé Nick and her “friends” they must all find a way to work together to keep themselves safe and out of harm’s way. To do this they need to put any previous issues with each other aside.
The longer she survives, the more it becomes clear, the virus is not as it seems. After a few close calls, the group have no choice but to leave their safe house and find refuge elsewhere.

After seeing a tip on a social media site the group find themselves at Woodford Airbase, saved by Sergeant Jeff Tanner and Corporal Ryan Jameson. They all band together along with a few other survivors and set out on a search for others using the Airbase as a sanctuary.

How long will the Airbase be safe? Can they really forget the bad blood between them? More importantly will this Cheshire Girl be able to escape the impending grasp of the infected?

~Guest Post~

Top 5 Must Have Gadgets for the Apocalypse

Given that today is the day I released the E Virus: Modern Day Girl’s Survival Guide “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” I thought it was a perfect time to share with you all my top 5 gadgets to use in the apocalypse.

With Ebola taking the news headlines by storm, the question that seems to plague everyone’s mind at the moment is what if?

What if Ebola wipes out the world and pushes humanity to the brink of extinction?

Or given the recent news reports speculating that the dead are already rising, the question which plays on the mind of most zombie fanatics.

What if this is the beginning of a real life zombie apocalypse?

Unfortunately I simply cannot answer these questions. However, what I can do is give you some hints and tips on how to survive, should the worst happen.

#5 The Phantom DJI 2 Vision+ Drone


This drone come’s in perfect when scoping out your area. With a range of around 300 meters it gives you a bird’s eye view as well as real time 1080p HD video and 14mp photos, should the need to take a snap of your surroundings arise.

Use it to plan your escape, find out where the horde of zombies are lying in wait or even use it to deter the undead from your current location, the possibilities are endless.

The downside, this device doesn’t come cheap at £915 RRP you may have to say RIP to the majority of your bank balance.

To purchase your very own Phantom Drone simply click this link for a full specification and payment options.

#4 Tentsile


This strange looking contraption is in fact a suspended tent. This tent is perfect, should you find yourself out in the woods during the zombie apocalypse. You can sleep in peace high above the ground far away from the rotting claws of the undead. The components to this tent are lightweight, so very easy to carry around with you and they come with a 2.5 tonne minimum breaking strength.
The downside of course is you will have to climb a few trees in order to get it set up.
£820 RRP

#3 Wicked Lasers – The Torch


Otherwise known as the world’s most powerful torch. This light burns at 4100 lumens which is nearly 4 times that of a normal household light. The torch has been machined from military grade anodised aluminium, whilst the halogen bulb has a life expectancy of over 2000 hours.

This halogen bulb is so hot; it can start a fire, and even fry an egg. At £129 it is rather pricey, but worth it in the event of an apocalypse.

#2 Hotcan

hot can

These self-heating cans are a must in any apocalypse. Once the power goes out and the water supply comes to an end, a hot meal will go a long way to making you feel human again. This self-heating can works by creating a natural reaction with Limestone and Water, resulting in your meal being heated up in a matter of minutes.

The Hotcan’s come in a number of flavours such as Chicken Curry, Tortellini Bolognaise, Bangers and Beans and even Creamy Rice Pudding.

These cans have been designed for use in the harshest of outdoor conditions and for £3.99 they won’t break the bank.

#1 Lifestraw


In the event of any apocalypse sooner or later, drinking water is going to become a real problem. That’s where this amazing contraption comes in useful. The Lifestraw is simply a drinking tube which removes 99.9% of bacteria and parasites from dirty water. The Lifestaw is able to filter over 1000 litres of water as a minimum. That’s over a year’s supply of clean water in one plastic straw.
At £17 you can’t afford not to have one. For your very own Lifestraw simply visit
So there you have it, my top 5 gadgets to help you survive the zombie apocalypse, or any apocalypse for that matter.

To find out more about how to survive the apocalypse, head over to Amazon and check out my new book E Virus: The Modern Day Girl’s Survival Guide “How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” available on eBook and Paperback now.

~About the Author~

jessica ward

Where to start? Well being an author was something I never dreamed of. I love to read, but I don’t do it very often. I used to when I was younger, growing up I wanted to be just like Matilda – powers and all.

As I grew up my interests changed. I was much more interested in going out with friends, dating and working. Clothes and especially shoes became way more important, as you can tell from my front cover!

So I’m not a complete bookworm. I had an idea for a story one day, and I decided to try my hand at writing. I’m hoping I’ve done a good job and you will all like what you read! It’s not as easy as it looks, I understand first hand the pain of writers block, and spending that much time in front of a computer that your eyes go funny.

When I spoke to my friends and family and told them I was writing a book, after a few raised eyebrows they were nothing but supportive. They pushed me to carry on and were so excited to read my first book.

I live with my Boyfriend Mike in a lovely little apartment on the outskirts of Wilmslow. The area around where we live inspired the locations in my first installment. The characters, are loosely based on the types of people I’ve observed throughout the years.

So now I guess I’m classed as a writer, among other things of course. My work is officially out there for the world to see, its a bit of a scary thought really, but I have to say so far, I am enjoying every second of it.

And what about my background? Well as I mentioned, I grew up in Cheshire. I was born in Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire out in the countryside. I still have a lot of family and friends over that way, but if I’m honest I much prefer my lifestyle here in Cheshire. There is much more to do, I guess I’m a bit of a city girl at heart.

As to what my future holds, well I don’t yet know. I am going to carry on with my writing, as well as my work and I shall see where I end up!

I suppose that’s all I can really say for now. I will of course share with you all my journey, and share with you some of my life lessons I learn along the way.

But until then…

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