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mzs: boston

MZS: Boston
by K.D. McAdams
Series: A Metropolitan Zombie Survivors Novella
Publication date: August 22nd 2014
by Caveman Worldwide
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Zombies

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If his hangover doesn’t kill him the undead just might.

At 20,000 words this is the first novella in the Metropolitan Zombie Survivors series. The ending completes the story of Boston but there is always a tomorrow…

Pat-O is unemployed and out of shape with a face that makes even his mother wonder what happened to him. At least according to the girl he spent last night with. He feels bad about not remembering her name, but when he tries to turn her anger and the future of his lucky T-shirt into a meet cute on the sidewalk of Beacon Street things start to get ugly.

Zombies have besieged the city of Boston and in order to survive Pat-O has to put his fate in the hands of his friend Tucker who may be insane, and the information Tucker’s gathered through the less than reliable network of contacts he has as a follower of a local sports blog. Pat-O needs to get across town before the government will allegedly drop nuclear weapons to stem the tide of undead. Protecting himself with armor made from drained wine boxes and duct tape while using a broken souvenir hockey stick as a weapon Pat-O walks, jogs and sweats his way to Tucker in Cleveland Circle. Their buddy ‘Cupcake’ has stolen a Humvee from the National Guard and will pick them up there before getting out of town – ASAP.

Metropolitan Zombie Survivors are courageous, creative and lucky. Pat-O and his friends are not trained for survival and have little to no experience with guns. They survive by banding together and balancing their instincts with scrappiness and a hint of intellect.

~Guest Post~

About: Metropolitan Zombie Survivors Series

It’s not just preppers and the ex military that survive the zombie apocalypse. Sometimes it’s a thirty something that can’t find a job, an art dealer who caught her boyfriend cheating or a grieving widower trapped in a hotel.

For anyone who was in a city when the undead took over, survival required ingenuity, whit and a whole lot of luck. Metropolitan Zombie Survivors aren’t interested in becoming heroes or leaders, they simply want to survive. They believe in safety in numbers and in helping their fellow man. Sometimes their luck runs out, and when it does they have to ready to fight with whatever tools they have available.

So far survivors have made it out of Boston, New York and Philadelphia and they are headed south. But they are not the only survivors. There are other cities and other survivors. If they all head in the same direction maybe one day they will meet up and be able to rebuild humanity.

Army Rangers and Navy Seals, active and retired, are amazing and I have no doubt they could survive anything this crazy world throws at them. I wanted to show the side of the zombie apocalypse where an average (or below average) American survived the rise of the undead. I thought it might be fun to see what they would come up with and how they grew as human beings. This series is a lot of fun to write and I hope you have as much fun reading.


Happy Halloween!

How cool is it that Halloween is on a Friday this year? There are some serious parties going on and I hope everyone gets dressed up in amazing costumes and has a ton of fun.

Is anyone going to a real masquerade type party? The kind where you don’t already know how everyone is dressed? Maybe it’s one of those underground parties where the only way to get in is to present the right object to the right person who opens the door and lets you in? That would be fun.

Do you remember the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 when they used an Egg as their secret pass to get into a Rave? We’re a little older than that so lets say our party is using a thirty pack of beer. Also since it’s Halloween, lets have a little fun and say it’s not really a party but a survivors rally; for anyone who has survived the zombie apocalypse.

thirty pack

Running with a Thirty Pack

So here’s the challenge – run one block carrying a thirty pack. If you don’t run fast enough the zombies are going to get you. If you drop the thirty pack you don’t get into the rally and… the zombies get you. Understand?

Some of you are thinking this is going to be a piece of cake. It’s not.

What is the farthest you’ve carried a thirty-pack?

If you pick one up while grocery shopping it’s an easy lift from the floor to the cart, then from the cart into your car. At my grocery store they don’t even make you lift it out of the cart to check out. We’re talking less than ten feet, total carry distance.

Even if you make a special trip to get the thirty pack and don’t use a cart how fast are you walking? After picking up your beer you shuffle your way to the check out line. Once there you stand and inch your way forward until you pay. After you’ve paid you leg it out to your car. You know the leg move where you kind of press the 360 ounces of beer against your leg while you walk and swing your leg out a little bit with each step so the corner of the thirty pack doesn’t jab into your thigh with every other step? It’s not awful though because your car is parked close. Hey, you knew you’d be carrying something heavy on the way out. Total carry distance is up there, but the pace is a lot slower than your average zombie shuffle.

But this is the zombie apocalypse and a cart or legging simply won’t do. You need to run, dash, sprint if you’re going to survive.

How would you do? Are you going to be drinking beer with the survivors or are you going to skip the party and shamble around looking for brains to eat?

~About the Author~

kd mcadams

K. D. McAdams writes stories about young people who make choices with their heart and not their head. ‘Don’t talk to strangers’ is the most common phrase in our house, I have failed several art classes and I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast. I have a son that loves to talk to strangers, my daughter is an incredible artist and I have another son that is a stickler for details with a near eidetic memory. We nurture our kids everyday with advice and information but deep down they all have an element of nature that overrides our nurturing and influences their choices. Kids who have the courage to follow their instinct and make their own choices are the ones who make life memorable.

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