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The Breadwinner
by Stevie Kopas
Publication date: July 7th 2013
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Zombies

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The end of the world is not glamorous. In a matter of days the human race was reduced to nothing more than vicious, flesh hungry creatures. This three part story takes you into the world of the survivors, coming from different generations and different sides of the tracks, they all share one thing in common: who you once were can no longer determine who you will be in the face of catastrophe.

Samson, a once wealthy and powerful criminal defense attorney struggles to keep his family safe and keep his sanity intact when the world comes apart at the seams. Veronica, the high school track star races to get her brother out of the city and into the safety of Franklin Woods. Along the way we come across the struggles of finding solace, finding out who you really are, and making decisions in a post apocalyptic world. The Breadwinner is a three part story and the first book in a planned series that will leave you craving more.

~Guest Post~

Ahh, the zombie apocalypse.

Regardless of who you are or where you live, zombies are all over the place. Movies, television, comics, books…you name it, and there they are.

But what about if they showed up for real?

That’s a scenario that I see pop up in my Facebook newsfeed about 36 times a day.

And I’m sure you all feel my pain when you see the “ZOMG! LIKE IF YOU’D DIE, SHARE IF YOU’D KICK SOME ZOMBIE A$$!” So, in the spirit of all things zOctober, I took it upon myself to annoy my fellow authors with the zombie-age old question…

Could you actually survive the zombie apocalypse?

I asked them to consider where they were, what they were wearing, and what they were doing at the time of answering and got some pretty amazing responses.

Some of the answers were rather serious, and frankly, I’d want these folks on my zombie apocalypse survival squad (though I’m not sure that they’d welcome me so willingly after I share my own answer). While others were downright laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Read on to find out what some of your favorite authors have to say about the sudden horde of zombies banging down their doors!

As for me?

I’m writing this in my socks and pajamas, two glasses of wine deep, waiting for Grimm to premiere. Needless to say, I’m zombie bait.

Stevie Kopas (insert for guest post)

So cheers, folks. Here’s hoping that when the zombies show up we can all meet up at the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for the whole thing to blow over!
Paul Hetzer author of The Zombie Virus: “My family and I am presently at an off-the-grid cabin in the mountains with the nearest neighbor a mile away and a nice selection of weapons including suppressed handguns and rifles. You bet we would survive.”

Scott Baker author of Yeitso: “Nope. I’m in shorts and t-shirt, no shoes. I’d need at least two minutes to dress properly, grab the car keys and gun, and get the family to safety.”

Felicia A. Sullivan: “Normally, yes. At this very moment, not bloody likely.”

felicia Sullivan (insert for guest post)

(I have to say, I am so digging Felicia’s slippers right now)

Shana Festa author of Time of Death: Induction: “I could be outfitted in riot gear, and have a force-field around my body…I’d still become zombie-chow. However, in my current state (still in pajamas, no shoes) I wouldn’t last the first minute. Though, I might be able to fool them into believing I was one of them with this bedhead…food for thought.”

Stephen Kozeniewski author of Braineater Jones: “Right now I’m eating an egg roll in a tie and loafers and the most dangerous thing at my table is a carafe of lukewarm tea. If the zombocalypse happens now I’ll be (shrimp) toast.”

Kurt Schuett author of Insurgency: “Since I’m answering from a classroom full of 30 kids in a school building of 4,000 students and 500 faculty/staff members, I’m screwed. But if I was able to make it up to my house on the North Shore, I’d be okay–natural border with Lake Michigan and plenty of guns and ammo. Ironically, I’m wearing green cargo pants today. Booyah!”

Thom Brannon author of Pavlov’s Dogs: “Ooh, probably not. Pajama bottoms, barefoot, and all the heavy tools are in the garage. The best thing I have inside is a pair of nightsticks and a hatchet. I also have a drawerful of knives (butterfly, switchblade, etc.) but I don’t think those will make much of a diffy.”

Tim Miller author of Dead to Writes: “Lol, probably not. I’m barefoot and wearing shorts listening to a podcast and eating pizza, plus my recliner is busted and takes me five minutes to put the foot rest down.”

Stephen A North author of Dead Tide: “At the moment, I’m sitting in a Chick-fil-a after having my eyes dilated at the VA. I’m wearing shorts, sneakers and a t-shirt. The restaurant is located in a big city (St. Petersburg) and the only weapons I have are brute strength and quite a few chairs and tables I could use for melee weapons. Vision is a little blurry, but my wits are razor sharp (lol). Unless I head for the waterfront, I think my chances are pretty slim for escaping, and I have my family to worry about. I’d give it my best shot.”

Shane Gregory author of The King of Clayfield: “I am in my office at the museum where my Clayfield books started. If I could make it out to my truck before the things got me, I think I could survive until the end of the day at least. I am wearing my running shoes today, AND I found these big ass shears in one of the museum’s display cases. So that’s how I would die–running with scissors….from zombies.”

Shane Gregory (insert for guest post)

(As Shana Festa said, “It’s all fun and games until someone pokes an eye out, Shane.”)

Rick Reeves author of The After Dark Chronicles: Survival: “At work in Ballard Wa, but there is a gun store right down the street…”

Melinda Reeves: “I am at work in a call center. If I can make it to the car I have two below 40 sleeping bags a tent and a bunch of other stuff in it so…oh! Gas tank is full too. I would be miles away from here before I eventually succumbed to my own stupidity lol.”

Kristina Circelli: “I’m at work. In my bag I have a couple items I could use for self-defense, in my car I have a crapton of random junk, including a thick blanket, food, water bottles, and a change of clothes (not entirely sure why, it all just shows up). Honestly my goal would be to get home to my husband. If anyone could go off the grid and learn to survive in the middle of the woods while the world went to shit, it would be him. I’d be safe with him and his woodsman skills.”

Kirk Allmond author of What Zombies Fear: “I work from home. My hatchet and machete are hanging from the curtain rod directly behind me, and my tomahawk and bug out bag are between me and the door. Weaponry aside though, survival is about desire. A willingness to do whatever it takes, and never give up. It’s a mental challenge as much as a physical one.”

Peter Oliver Wonder: “I’d probably go hop on one of the forklifts out back and try to spear as many zombies as possible, laughing maniacally the whole time, until I was ultimately taken down.”

Khail Lerma author of Z Plan: Blood on The Sand: “I’m in a steel mill on the edge of a rural town. Plenty of make shift weapons, so I’d say yep. Wife and kids are only five miles away”.

Brian Parker: “Since I’m sitting in Afghanistan with a loaded M9 pistol on my leg and a loaded M4 under my desk, 4 grenades in my ballistic vest which is about six feet from me and a folding knife in my pocket… I think I’d be okay, but would probably die in some tragic way as I tried to make it back to my family in Texas.”

Brad R Munson author of Rain: a novel of disaster, survival, and monsters: “On the ninth floor of a business high-rise on the business street in Glendale, Califonria (part of the L.A. megalopolis. Yeah, SOME of us could make it, if the apoc started at street level. Block off the top three floors (only one staircase to worry about), open up the roof. Survive on stored food and water form the roof tank (I check, it has one) until the first wave, then scavenge seed and seedlings from local stores. Eat lots of dog, cat, and rat for a while. Eventually retake the whole building, even without the use of electricity. Passive water heating from our big, wide roof and abundant plastic bags. And it won’t get all that cold or warm here for at least six months. If a small group is smart and practical enough … yeah. But we’re humans and inherently dumb as donuts, so … no.”

Breanna Bright author of In The End: “Probably not, I’m on campus right now. Not very fast, and I can’t think of a nearby place to get weapons. I would have to grab my boyfriend, and then either try to hold up in a building, or try and make the three blocks to our car. Either way I’m pretty screwed.”

Jennifer Brozek author of Keystones: “I probably would. I work at home in a suburban neighborhood less than 3 blocks from the FEMA station and a reserve (very small) military base. I am in jeans, t-shirt, sneakers. The house is filled with emergency gear (and weapons/ammo) and I have a protected attic. So. I would probably last for a couple of weeks. Assuming those at the base/FEMA didn’t immediately all get turned. Oh, and I keep two baseball bats by my office door.”

Jackie Druga author of The Flu: “Yes. I work from home. I live in the sticks. Every room in the house, even the third floor has an escape route. Even my basement has two routes. One a tunnel from the underground railroad days and a zombie escape hatch that goes to the garage. No kidding.If I needed to hunker down I have a box of supplies and water in each room. While I don’t keep guns in the house because of the kids, I have zombie style weapons. I’m good.”

David M. Salkin author of Deep Black Sea: “Let’s see…. .357 Magnum and 30 rounds…. I can last a while I guess…”

Jonathan Ondrashek: “I’ve got Nikes and cheap-ass box cutters. At least I’ll die with a pair of shoes on that haven’t hit the market yet…”


I hope you all enjoyed what everyone had to say, and I hope you enjoyed my contribution to 2014’s zOctober! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @ApacoTaco and like The Breadwinner Trilogy on Facebook to stay up to date with all things Stevie and zombie! (

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~About the Author~


Stevie Kopas was born and raised in New Jersey. She is a caffeine addict, a gamer and an apocalypse enthusiast. She enjoys all things horror. Stevie currently lives in Florida. If you would like to review the book for your own blog or interview the author, please contact her! Stevie is always open for meeting new people, helping other authors, and connecting with readers.

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