Guest Post & Giveaway! Vampire Down by Steven Montano

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Vampire Down
by Steven Montano
Series: Blood Skies #7
Expected publication: June 27th 2014
Category: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy

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Who ever knew the end would come so soon?

In this final volume of the BLOOD SKIES series, Eric Cross and Danica Black find themselves facing impossible odds in the desolate ruins of the world they once knew. Hunted by the mercenary forces of the newly formed East Claw Coalition and desperate to find the elusive White Mother, the two refugees will be pushed to the limits of their abilities and sanity as they struggle to survive.

Meanwhile, in the near future, the undead hunter called Reaver searches for the lost city of Bloodhollow, the place where humankind will make its final stand, while the undead of New Koth and the rebellious White Children make their push to end the reign of the Ebon Kingdoms once and for all.

As timelines collide and the spider weaves her web, the battle for the fate of the riven world will come to its violent conclusion in the depths of a forgotten city, where unlikely heroes will emerge and hidden evils shall finally be revealed…

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~Guest Post~

It’s Friday night and you go to your backyard to fire up the grill for your famous steak dinner. You have your headphones in your ears, jamming to your favorite band when you realize there seems to be quite a bit of commotion in your backyard. You freeze in your tracks as you discover that there are zombies in your yard. In fact the entire neighborhood seems to be in your yard and they are now the living dead. You can’t go back to the house or make it to your shed, you are completely surrounded. Armed with nothing but your wallet and headphones, how do you fight your way out?

With few options, I try to remember if I really know parkour (hint: I don’t), so I have little choice but to throw myself in the path of the zombies and use my wallet as a jabbing weapon and my headphones as a bola. I’m in good shape and relatively fast, so with any luck I can knock a couple of zombies down and create something of a domino effect, toppling enough of the smelly bastards that I can make a break for an open door, get inside and grab my katana. (Not kidding…I actually own a katana, specifically for this type of situation.) Once properly armed I can hew through their ranks with ease (hoping in the back of my mind that my overconfidence doesn’t get me killed).

Option #2: I use my secret sorcerous powers to set them all on fire and melt them into puddles of undead goo.

Option #3: I break out a twenty and offer to give it to them if they leave me alone.

Option #4: I click my heels together and hope I’m wearing ruby slippers.

Hahaha! I love this guest post, Steven. You know me.. if it’s zombie related, it’s on the top of my list.

So, book addicts… what would YOU do in this situation? I’d love to hear your ideas for getting out of this situation — hopefully alive. 😉

About the Author

steven montano

Steven Montano is an author, accountant, and blogger, part human and part…well, we’re not entirely sure, but he sure does write a lot of books.

Steven is the author of the Skullborn novels (City of Scars, Path of Bones), the Blood Skies series (Blood Skies, Black Scars, Soulrazor, Crown of Ash, The Witch’s Eye and Chain of Shadows), Tales of a Blood Earth 1 and 2, Crucifix Point, and something black…. He’s currently hard at work on Blood Angel Rising, a paranormal
action/horror/thriller; Vampire Down, the next installment of the Blood Skies series; and The Black Tower, the conclusion to The Skullborn trilogy.

He and his family live in Michigan, where even zombies fear to tread.

Steven’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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