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we go on

We Go On
by Stephen Woods
Series: The Dell #1
Publication date: December 10th 2013
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Zombies

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When the Plague swept around the world, leaving the vast majority of the human population as undead flesh-crazed maniacs, Police Detective Scott Williams and his wife fled their home for the mountains of northwestern Arkansas, intending to hide and survive. They found that the living were as much a threat to their survival as the undead.
Now, five years after the Event, Scott is the leader of a group of survivors constantly besieged by the ever-present undead, and stalked at every turn by the well-armed Road Gangs. Facing starvation as the ability to scavenge food dwindles, and enduring the endless struggle with his two life-threatening enemies, Scott questions, “Is simply surviving worth it?”
That is, until he finds the Dell. Dell, Tennessee, a picturesque little village nestled in the hills bordering the Cumberland River Valley, offers the exhausted band of refugees a chance at something that was lost five years ago: hope. The ability to live life free of the constant fear of the undead, and to escape the Road Gangs and starvation. Their continued survival is tied to the Dell, and Scott is determined not to fail. Only then will he find out if they can go on.

~Guest Post~

If you’ve read my Bio, you know I’m a retired soldier and former Police Detective. In my formative years when I first had the desire to write I was told you should write about the things you know or at least from a perspective you understand. So all of my stories come from a military or law enforcement perspective. Some people like that and some don’t. Police stories have been done and done again.
There is one aspect you, dear reader, should consider; the police will always be around. They will be the first to show up at scenes and they will be responsible for answering the question everyone always asks, “Why?”
When the zombie apocalypse finally arrives (or whatever other calamity reduces our civilization to crumbling ruins) it will most likely be a Cop doing his job that’s the first to know. So, be kind to your local Police, they just might save you from the zombies.
Now, a bit about my books. One thing is for sure; they aren’t literature. They’re stories, kind of like the camp fire ghost tales we enjoyed as kids. I write them just like I’d tell them. Again it’s not everybody’s taste but I enjoy writing them. The one thing I always strive for is realism. It annoys me when I’m reading a book or watching a movie and a character checks the ‘safety’ on his Glock or checks the bullets in his ‘clip’. To me, It say’s the writer doesn’t know weapons and if a gun is an integral part of the story, well, a mechanic should know his wrenches.
I love the Dystopian/Apocalyptic genre because I believe it tests us. It asks the question are you…? Are you strong enough, smart enough, capable, forgiving, human enough to do more than just survive. Because if it’s just survival then we are no better than animals. It’s man’s ability to go beyond mere survival that makes him human. In ‘We Go On’ I ask this very question; is survival enough? If, for the rest of my life, I have nothing to look forward too but the bitter struggle of simply living through today and making it to tomorrow, is that enough?
I believe it’s not. Oh, for the first few months when we’re dealing with the immediate tasks of finding food and protecting loved ones, it will be. But after that, when it becomes a daily grind to find a scrap to eat so we can live one more day? When it finally becomes clear no one is coming to save us I believe most will put a gun in their mouth and see what’s next. So, what is it we need in this desolate future where everyone and everything wants to kill us?
In both ‘We Go On’ and ‘A Cursed Earth’ I try to explore what would keep people going, moving forward; what they NEED. Some might say more ammunition and I would laugh right along with them. And it’s nice to imagine yourself in that situation, struggling, fighting, slaying zombies left and right. Until you get tired and want to go home and have a bath and a cold beer. So, what do we need? I say its HOPE. Hope for a future free of whatever it is that de-humanizes us. Hope for our children, the human race.
That’s what I hope people see in my stories. The desire we should prevail over tyranny and oppression. That there is more to life than a daily struggle to survive. We need to live. I HOPE you enjoy them. Happy reading.

Check out Stephen’s latest work, A Cursed Earth, on Amazon

~About the Author~

stephen woods

STEPHEN WOODS is a retired US Army Special Forces soldier and a former police narcotics detective. He lives in Kentucky with his wife, Michelle and their three dogs, Sassy, Chance and Drake. Stephen is also the author of “The Dell Series”, Zombie novels.

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    Shaun of the Dead – love that movie!

    • Steve Woods

      I love Brit humor. Have you seen ‘Paul’? Not zombies but same guys. Great movie.

      • bookbunny68

        Yep. Love them. Also HOT FUZZ

  • Nice! Wonderful guest post, Stephen! Good to meet you 🙂 WRITE ON!

    • Steve Woods

      Thanks Jo.

  • I could watch Resident Evil and Shaun of the Dead repeatedly! <3

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      I got kinda burned out on Resident Evil but love SoD.

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    I love Zombieland..Woody Harrelson is so awesome in it!!!!

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      Another great choice.

      • Traci


  • Sabrina Joy

    What a question! Probs Shaun of the Dead though

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      Great movie.

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      Yep. The original?

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    Great guest post Stephen! I can watch lots of zombie movies over and over again but my favourites are Night of the Living Dead (1968) and Pontypool 🙂

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      Thanks Julianne, Night of the Living Dead is the standard. I think its my favorite as well.

  • Great guest post… but you know how you say the police will be the first responders and thus might be who saves our lives in a Zpocalypse? Well, seems to me, they could also make up the second wave of zombies for the same reason… so they might also be the ones to take our lives 😉

    • Steve Woods

      You have a valid point. Its a good cop, bad cop thing.

  • MS11

    I second Zombieland!

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  • Shannon Walters

    I noticed recently that quite a lot of zombie/post apoc authors are military/police/detective. Do you think that those professions see more violence/generally bad stuff and then those authors translate their experiences into scary stories?

    • Steve Woods

      Shannon, its true that cops and soldiers see more than their share of violence but I really think its because we’re just big kids and like scifi and horror stuff.

  • Julia Floyd

    Infected Movies: 28 Days / Rec
    Zombie Movies: Dead&Breakfast / Dead Snow – I love Indie Zombies Movies

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      I agree Julia, although the production values can be a little low sometimes, the ideas are great. Have you seen ‘Dead With-in’?

      • Yes!! It’s not a zombie movie, but the suspense…Awesome

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      All really good choices Susan.

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