Interview: Derrick LaCombe, author of After Death

You all know how much I love all things zombie related, so when I was asked to share this interview with zombie fiction author, Derrick LaCombe, I was happy to post it here. I’m always grateful for the chance to introduce new authors to readers. I hope you enjoy this in-depth interview as much as I did. And now I’m off to grab a copy of After Death! 😉

* The following interview was organized by Stephanie Lunsford of Monique Happy Editorial Services. We’ve decided to collaborate so we could get more indie author content to you, the fans!

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Stephanie Lunsford, Promotional Representative at Monique Happy Editorial Services, interviews Derrick LaCombe, author of After Death.

Stephanie Lunsford: Welcome, Derrick. Please tell us a little bit about your work.

Derrick LaCombe: After returning from a week-long expedition, a team of scientists realize too late that they’ve brought back more than they bargained for. The result is a terrifying onslaught that overwhelms the resources of a small town. This IS the start of the zombie apocalypse!
Would you have what it takes to SURVIVE? Follow the characters of “After Death!” and see if you could, learn, adapt, and survive!

Are you going to cower in the corner of your bedroom waiting for rescue, or be the hero that leads the way through hordes of zombies? Take the reins in this zombie thriller and join up with a group of modern day Texans. See if you have what it would take to survive for the sake of all humanity. Pick a character and BE that person. Will you work together with the rest or will you fall apart in the face of bone-crunching death? This epic will have you wondering if you could overcome the odds or if you’re just all talk.

SL: From reading your book I noticed that some of your readers could take info from your book to survive the Zombie Apocalypse in the event it happens.

DL: I wanted to write about how to survive the zombie apocalypse with a common sense approach. Not everyone is going to be able to drive around in a tank, nor lob grenades at hordes of zombies. In my book, the characters take a common sense approach to find solutions needed to survive (but not everyone will … oops, a spoiler!).

SL: How did you come up with the title?

DL: The title is plot sensitive, but one could say the meaning is like a double-edged sword.

SL: After Death wasn’t always going to become a series, was it? Can you tell us a little bit about how it formed?

DL: I started “After Death” as a 500-word short story. Novel length evolved from the love of the story. I had to keep writing. Now, the sequel is nearly finished and due to be released in late February. “After Death III” will be started later this year.

SL: As you writers know, it is important to do research for what you write. How did you get your research for the book?

DL: I am a registered nurse, so the medical aspect of the book is from my professional experiences. As a Hospital Corpsman, I used my military knowledge in describing certain scenes in the primary book and sequel. I also took a road trip to the area in Texas where the fictional town is located to get a feel for the land. I use the Internet too.

SL: Where and when do you like to write? Are there any rituals that you use?

DL: I write in the morning after I check my e-mails and Facebook. I usually play a couple of games on my cell phone and eat breakfast. Game playing helps to focus my mind. I also write in the evening or whenever the mood hits. But definitely, my morning is more like a ritual if you’d call it that.

SL: Who designed the cover? Anyone you’d like to give a shout out to for the amazing design?

DL: Derek Edgerton designed the electronic Kindle cover based off of my zombie descriptions. The soon-to-be-released paperback cover is based off of the electronic cover and was designed by Todd Schmidt (graphics) and Cannon Knight, who sculpted the zombie bust.

SL: How important is a good editor to you?

DL: My editor, Monique Happy, helped to fine tune what I wrote. She performed like an optometrist would, bringing my vision to a crisp 20/20. I definitely recommend a rethink to any author leaning towards non-usage of a professional editor.

SL: What are your current projects? Do you think you can share something with us about it?

DL: I have a couple of short stories coming out this year. One is of the horror genre and takes place in the swamps of Louisiana, USA (my home state). The other short is a fantasy/erotica and takes place in a society where there is NO censorship. I have a holiday fantasy novel to be released in September. Somewhere in between, I’ll start on “After Death 3.”

SL: After reading After Death I must say you have a very interesting type of Zombie in it. How did you decide to describe your zombies, how the virus was released, and how the characters would work together?

DL: The appearance of the zombies is borrowed from something that occurs to an actual Earth species. This natural process could one day strike our planet. Not a joke! The characters all work together (or do they?) because they want to live; they want to find out what’s happened to their town. Though ultimately, in the event of an apocalypse, not everyone will survive. Your family or friends could all wind up as zombie bait, leaving you to fend for yourself. Could you survive?

SL: Sometimes readers, like myself, always find it interesting to learn things normally not known about their favorite authors. Please give us three “Good to Know” facts about you. Be creative.

DL: I love going to Karaoke twice a week with my wife. I love going to the movies. I love to read great books. I’d love to write the next great American novel.

SL: Derrick, thanks for your time and for talking with us today.

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