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zombie attack 1 and 2

Rise of the Horde/Army of the Dead
by Devan Sagliani
Series: Zombie Attack 1 & 2
Publication date: September 3rd 2014
Category: YA
Genre: Horror, Zombies

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When 16 year old Xander’s older brother Moto left him at Vandenberg Airforce Base he only had one request – don’t leave no matter what. But there was no way he could have known that one day zombies would gather into groups big enough to knock down walls and take out entire buildings full of people. That was before the Rise of the Horde!

In Army of the Dead, Xander’s adventure continues when he is placed in charge of a civilian colony outside Barstow. He and his young wife, Felicity Jane, are forced to deal with the daily grind of reconstruction, the constant menace of zombies, and an equally hungry cannibal tribe known as the Alphas.

The Zombie Attack series is filled with pulse-pounding undead action from the very first chapter to the bitter sweet end.

~Author Interview~

Welcome, Devan! It’s so awesome to have you here for #zOctober2014!

First, tell us about your Zombie Attack series!

-Zombie Attack is a young adult cross genre series centered around 16 year old Xander Macnamera who is forced to flee the safety of Vandenberg Airforce Base when a horde of zombies begins to knock down walls and kill everyone. He heads south towards Hueneme where his brother Moto is stationed. Along the way he befriends Benji, a comic book geek, and Felicity Jane, a child celebrity turned reality television star. Together they battle not only the undead but also bikers, religious zealots, neo Nazis, cannibals and more.

The series is action, adventure, scifi, dystopian, coming of age, and a travelogue all in one. While zombie drive the action along it’s really the relationships that shape the story line, as well as the message that nothing is more important than family – both those we are connected to by blood and those we pick up along the way. It’s age appropriate for kids 13 and up and brimming with nonstop action. Most readers say they cannot put it down.

Book 2, Army of the Dead, is nearly twice the size of Book 1, Army of the Dead. You can purchase both now in digital format or in paperback from Permuted Platinum by visiting

I’ve read both books in the series, and I’ve also read Undead L.A. 1 – awesome storytelling, Devan! What do you have in store for us in the future?

-I get some very mixed reactions when it comes to Undead L.A. After writing a young adult series about zombies, Zombie Attack, and an adult series that followed the traditional linear idea of the zombie outbreak with a small group of survivors, The Rising Dead, I wanted a departure from the norm. So often I hear zombie fans say they have seen it all and are looking for something fresh.

The idea behind Undead L.A. was to show the zombie apocalypse as it hit my hometown of Los Angeles through the eyes of many different narrators. The stories are loosely interconnected, although not everyone catches on to that right away. This way the city of Los Angeles itself becomes the main character.

Book 1 features a hardboiled detective crime fiction story, as a nod to writers like Michael Connelly and Elmore Leonard. Most people say that is their favorite. It also features an airline pilot trying to fight his way out of LAX, a Latina chef who leans on her heritage to grow a food truck enterprise, a band of rowdy children, and more. I really poured a lot of my soul into the work and I think that it shows. In fact so far even the less than favorable reviews still credit my writing abilities, which I think is a great compliment.

I am currently working on Book 2 and 3 at the same time, because of the overlapping themes. Fans of the series are going to be shocked when they learn where this is all headed. That’s all I am going to say.

I’ve also included a new short story called BLACK CROWING LAUGHING in the AT HELL’S GATE horror anthology I’m working on. It’s set in the Undead L.A. universe in Pasadena near the Rose Bowl. Volume 1 of the anthology is set to be released by October 1st 2014 (so it should be out by the time you read this). It features 17 horror authors all writing brand new short stories in their most popular worlds, including Shana Festa, Jacqueline Druga, J. Rudolph, Paul Mannering, Sharon Stevenson, Frank Tayell, Stevie Kopas, Rachel Aukes, Lesa Kinney Anders, S.G. Lee, Stephen Kozeniewski, J.M. Martin, Matthew Kinney, Tim Marquitz, Sean T. Smith and James Crawford. Monique Happy and James Crawford both helped with editing and J.M. Martin helped find the cover art and design it for us. All the proceeds will go to The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund which helps soldiers with PTSD and families of soldiers who died in service. You can learn more about this amazing organization by visitng

We’ve made the decision to turn the anthology into a quarterly series and have opened up submissions for the next volume already. Anyone interested in being part of a great cause can learn more by visiting our site

That is AWESOME, Devan. What a fabulous cause! Hopefully I’ll be able to write a story worthy of submitting to At Hell’s Gate.

How long do you think you would last in a zombie apocalypse?

-I’d say that depends on the types of zombies and the nature of the infection. If there is one thing I learned after signing with Permuted Press it’s that the zombie apocalypse can take many equally terrifying forms.

In a standard zombie by bite infection scenario I’d say my chances would be fairly high. I’m not the type of person to run from a problem either. I’d be more likely to hunker down and amass more supplies than flee. Fair warning zombies. I will hunt you down and put your souls to rest!

In the event of an airborne contaminant I don’t suspect I’d do as well. Same goes for strange cross species contamination or alien origins. At the first sign of infection I’d be looking to hitch a ride to my next lifetime. I’d never wait to see if I turned, not just because of my loved ones but for myself as well. After reading Jonathan Maberry’s account from inside a zombies mind in Dead of Night I’m not risking being trapped in my own body by an alien virus. It sounds awful!

What would be your weapon of choice to defend yourself against the undead?

-My go to weapons would be a sling shot with ball bearings for long range action, two machetes for the close up dirty work, and a full staff that’s been sharpened on both ends. Guns draw too much attention and I’m not taking the risk of having one jam on me like my Glock .45 would do when it got overheated. The sling shot works well to distract the undead and other survivors as well, drawing their attention away long enough for me to sneak up and put them to rest.

If you could be a zombie in any movie or show, what show would you choose?

-My favorite zombie movie of all time is Zombieland. I would love to have been in that movie. Bill Murray is amazing in it. So is Woody Harrelson. It might have been nice to make a cameo in the movie I wrote as well, Humans Versus Zombies, but alas the producers weren’t willing to fly me down to Texas so it didn’t happen. Next time I’m writing it into my contract. Live and learn.

Do you see yourself ever writing outside of the horror genre?

-Years ago I used to write what’s known as transgressive fiction. Coming out of UCLA with a background in literary fiction left me with high literary ambitions, but I slowly strayed back to my horror roots and have been happy ever since. I’ve also dabbled a little in science fiction and crime thriller fiction. My muse tends to ignore genre boundaries and I write what she shows me. I suspect I will be covering a much wider scope of writing genres as I move into 2015 and wrap up my other series.

Thanks again for hanging out with us today for zOctober 2014!

Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!

~About the Author~


Devan Sagliani was born and raised in Southern California and graduated from UCLA. He is the author of the Zombie Attack! series, The Rising Dead, A Thirst For Fire, and the UNDEAD L.A. series. Devan also wrote the original screenplay for the movie HVZ: Humans Versus Zombies. He writes a bimonthly horror column for Escapist Magazine called Dark Dreams.

Devan’s fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Million Writers Award. In 2012 his debut novel Zombie Attack! Rise of the Horde won Best Zombie/Horror E-book on Goodreads. He is also an active member of the Horror Writer’s Association.

He currently lives in Venice Beach, California with his wife.

Devan’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads | Permuted Press


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