Kids Corner: The Last Snowman by J.C. Little


the last snowman

The Last Snowman
by J.C. Little
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publication: November 29th 2013
Source: Ebook received from author
in exchange for an honest review

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“This afternoon it snowed. It was probably one of the last snows of the winter, so it was lovely sticky snow…perfect for making a snowman.” So begins the funny and poignant tale of a teenage girl and a dangerously tall snowman.

From the kitchen window, a mother watches her teenage daughter build one last snowman in the fresh spring snow. The girl works diligently, with some help from her little brother, and the snowman grows tall. But wet snow and gravity take their toll leaving a young girl who has perhaps loved and lost for the very first time.

The LAST Snowman is a book with timeless appeal for children and adults alike. Award-winning story artist JC Little has playfully captured a “moment” in family life, marking the ephemeral grace between childhood and adolescence.

Kids Corner: Storytime Vlog

In this story, a teenage girl decides to build a snowman and is so proud of her creation that she wants to capture it in a photo. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get the picture before the snowman topples to the ground. I love the message about this not being the last man to fall for the teenage girl! It’s funny that the snowman is so tall. Is she dreaming of tall, dark and handsome already? 😉

I love the innocence of the girl in this story, even though she’s a teenager and we all know that teenagers know everything and are too cool for most things. But this girl actually went outside and built a snowman, even allowed her younger brother to join after a slight hesitation, and tears actually fell from her eyes when the snowman fell over. Of course, all moms know how to turn a frown upside down – love and hot chocolate! A remarkable story about adolescence, growing up and the innocence living inside us all.

While my girls, being seven and almost five-years-old, didn’t understand the message beneath it all, they still enjoyed the story very much. The illustrations are so vivid and captivating.. and, of course, all kids love to build snowmen and drink hot chocolate! 🙂

Recommended age: Pre-K and up!

About the Author

jc little

Montreal-based JC Little is a story artist and animation director, with a career spanning more than 30 years. Her background includes commercials, feature films, the Disney-syndicated and Gemini-nominated kids’ TV show My Life Me, and new media. She is best known online as The Animated Woman and draws regularly for her personal blog of the same name at JC lives in a messy house with her lovely British husband and three fantastically opinionated children.

JC’s Website | Twitter | Goodreads

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  • Jenn_FiveDollarShake

    What a cute book! Perfect for this time of year. Happy to see a new Kids Corner post!

  • Well, that was super-cute! I have to say, it’s fascinating (for me as the author/illustrator) to see what different people pick out from the story. Your daughters picked up on the “how to” aspect, specifically noting the number of snowballs, and having one extra, which is actually pivotal to the plot. And they had empathy with the girl having her snowman fall …and melt.

    Your Kids Corner review is amazing. I thank-you for it Toni – it would be my pleasure to send you a softcover copy, now that they’re ready! I’ll be in touch.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed our review. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to read it. We actually got all bundled up and went outside today to make a snowman. We were not as successful as the 14 year old girl. I’m sure by the time this blizzard is over we’ll have enough to get one made.

  • K.C. Finn

    That was so sweet! Looks like a great book and nice to see your little ones following in your famous footsteps Toni!

  • Lindsay Galloway

    Such cute kiddos! Hope your daughter gets better soon so she can go out and play 😉

  • I love this feature! Your girls are always so cute and I love that you take the time to read with them and share it with all of us. Your awesome!