Kids Corner: Where do the Animals Go When it Rains?


Where Do the Animals Go When it Rains
by Janet S. Crown
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publication date: December 31st 2012
Source: NetGalley

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Where Do the Animals Go When It Rains? was conceptualized after years of imaginary story telling every night at bedtime. Picking an animal together, the author would tuck her children into bed and create a story where the animals lived and what their world was like all through a child s eye. Since most animals live outside, Janet and her kids would make up rhymes about their surroundings and what happens to the animals when it would rain. The end result is her beautifully crafted book with illustrations by Daron Rosenberg. Where Do the Animals Go When It Rains? explores the following themes: 1. The myriad of weather and the effects on animals with climate change 2. Imagination has no boundaries 3. Reading with children is the best commonality and connector for all ages 4. Learning about animals from all over the world 5. Bonding time with child/parent “The book was created with my kids as a bedtime story based on their curiosities about animals what happens to them during certain weather conditions,” says Crown. “I wanted the illustrations to be comforting, fun and engaging while inviting questions and thought.”

Kids Corner: Storytime Vlog

This was a cute, but very short children’s book. We did enjoy the story and have read it several times since receiving it, but it does have some issues. First, I believe the synopsis is longer than the book itself, which doesn’t seem right to me. Also, I’m a bit confused by the wording used in the book. It doesn’t seem that the author took the time to make it the story flow, just made it rhyme. It could have been a much better book with a little more thought behind it. We did enjoy reading about the animals, and the illustration in the book was done quite well. As far as a four and six-year-old are concerned, this is a pretty good book.

About the Author

Janet S. Crown

Janet Crown, is the founder and owner of Brentwood, California’s Burn 60®, the west side’s premiere boutique fitness studio.
Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Janet is the youngest of seven children. After graduating from Denison University, she went on to receive her Master’s Degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. Janet Crown resides in Los Angeles with her husband and children. She recently completed her first book in a series of four children’s books, titled Where Do the Animals Go When it Rains.

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