May Monster Madness 2013 – Day 1


Welcome to the weeklong blog hop greatness that is May Monster Madness! Hosted by Annie Walls – author of The Famished Trilogy, Emma from Little Gothic Horrors, and Ked from Something Wicked this Way Comes. Get ready to start hopping!

I had originally planned on starting off this week of madness with a different post, then thought better of it. Why not begin with the monsters that started it all for me, the ones that made me piss myself and scream out for my mommy in the middle of the night? This post is going to date me, but it’s all good. I’m old-ish, deal with it.


The “monsters” in Salem’s Lot shook me to the core when I was a just a wee lass.

THE-MASTER-FROM-SALEMS-LOT-horror-movies-31744086-620-471 Salems Lot 3

The little f*cker scratching at the window down there scared me the most! Yes, even more than The Master over there on the left with the yellow eyes and snaggleteeth. I saw that little bastard at my own bedroom window for at least a week after I watched Salem’s Lot. Just looking at the picture brings back all the vivid imagery and cold sweats.




I barely remember the details of Trilogy of Terror, but I do remember that the main character turning into one of those little … whatever they are… scared me far more than the little whatever-they-are’s did. Those sharp teeth — that looked much more realistic back in the day, the menacing glare in her eyes, and the fact that she repeatedly slammed that large knife into the floor really messed me up. She was such a nice lady before they got ahold of her!



Just an observation — I remember being pretty little when I saw these movies; definitely ten years old or younger. I would NEVER let my little ones watch this kind of stuff now! Is that a good thing or bad? I turned out pretty good, only partially deranged, I think. Perhaps the strict rules we insist our children adhere to these days is why the world is going to shit. My teenaged son wasn’t scared of Salem’s Lot in the slightest. He was bored to death. Maybe all little kids should watch a good horror flick!

By the way, these movies had already been out for six to eight years when I finally saw them, so perhaps I’m not as old as I made myself seem. 😀

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  • Sophie Duncan

    Salem’s Lot scared me silly when I was a child and I know what you mean about the boy floating at the window! The first time I saw this mini series, my family were staying with my uncle on holiday and my sis and I were sleeping downstairs in their living room right in front of a big pair of old-style wooden framed french windows with NO CURTAINS! I hid under the covers that night. I do like the remake of Salem’s Lot as well and the book, but that mini series was the original format for me and will always be the scariest! 🙂

    • Hahaha, that’s awesome because I slept on the couch for a week because of this movie and our living room windows were similar!

  • Ha! I totally remember Salem’s Lot! And I remember watching horror films from the age of about 6, which is probably why I’m so damn demented!

    Great post! I may have to look up these films again!

    Stopping by with my MMM’S Carmen Jenner Author! and Book Me!

    Happy Hopping! =D

  • Guest

    Salem’s Lot is in my top ten of monster movies. Great post.

  • Diane Riggins

    Salem’s Lot is definitely in my top ten of monster movies. Great post. 🙂

    Here’s my MMM’s

  • C Fite

    Oh gosh! I remember being so terrified of this movie, too! Especially the creepy kid at the window. *shivers* Super MMM post. 🙂

  • I remember Trilogy of Terror and Salem’s Lot! Apparently I’m a little more “old-ish” than you! I loved those movies! I think every child is different. I adored watching horror movies when I was young, couldn’t get enough of them, and never had nightmares.

    Fun post! 🙂

    • There’s nothing wrong with old-ish. It’s better than being young-ish in my opinion! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  • Shah Wharton’s WordsinSync

    Salem’s Lot (esp. that kid at the window!) terrified me back in the day. That woman is freekin scary!

    Shah X

    • Isn’t she? She left quite an impression on me as a little girl, and she is just as creepy now.

  • Magaly Guerrero

    That “little f*cker scratching at the window” has caused at lot of people to jump and scream in embarrassing ways *cough, cough*

  • Mister D

    Wonderful! I used both Salem’s Lot and Trilogy of Terror for my MMM entry today. Nice to know some monsters are universal.

  • LittleGothicHorrors

    Ha! I hadn’t seen your Day 1 post when I left my ‘Salem’s Lot’ comment on your Day 3 post. I have ‘Salem’s Lot’ on DVD and watch it about once a year. I still love it! I remember everyone at school being obsessed with it when it aired on TV in Australia, I think in the early ’80s, and my friends and I would whisper to each other, “Open the window. Let me in.” and make little scratchy motions with our fingers, ad nauseam. Haha. I still sit there willing Mark to turn around as the vampires in the basement awaken and begin crawling towards him. My son enjoys watching it, but he doesn’t think it’s bloody enough for a vampire film… different generation.

    At the risk of making a ridiculously long comment even longer, ‘Trilogy of Terror’ was shown here around the same time period, and was also a big deal amongst my friends and I, although I’ve never seen it since then. The only story I remember is the one with the doll. 🙂

    • LOL. I love long comments =) I’m so happy to hear that so many others loved the same movies! Funny how this generation thinks that movies from our day are boring, or not gruesome enough.