May Monster Madness 2013 – Day 7


May Monster Madness 2013 comes to an end! *sniff* I have really enjoyed this blog hop – even more than I anticipated. I have so much more to post about, but I guess I will have to save it for next year. It’s funny, I was worried about not having enough to post about for seven days, but in the end I didn’t even use the post I had in mind when I signed up!

Thank you to our hosts Annie Walls – author of The Famished Trilogy, Emma from Little Gothic Horrors, and Ked from Something Wicked this Way Comes.

My Favorite ‘Charmed’ Demons


Charmed is one of my all time favorite shows. I have watched the entire series at least fifty times — and that is no exaggeration, in fact, it might be an understatement. It’s the one show I will never grow tired of watching. As much as I enjoy cheering on the Charmed Ones and all their allies, I do love to hate some villains more than others. In some cases, love to love. Here are my top picks.


Barbas, the Demon of Fear, is an upper level demon in the Charmed universe who had the ability to sense the greatest fears of his opponents and use it against them. He was played by Billy Drago and repeatedly plotted against the Charmed Ones. — Wikipedia

* Barbas is a quirky, pesky demon that just won’t die. I hated him after his first appearance, but grew very fond of him throughout the series. He is my favorite of all the demons! Who wouldn’t be terrified of a demon that can make you feel like you’re living inside your worst nightmare with one swish of his hand?

Barbas Barbas2Good

Belthazor/Cole Turner

Belthazor was the demonic alias of Cole Turner, a half-Demon born to the demon Elizabeth and the mortal Benjamin Turner. He was a member of the Brotherhood of the Thorn and was hired by The Triad to kill the Charmed Ones. He was described as a very powerful and dangerous soldier of fortune, known for destroying countless witches, innocents and demons. — Charmed Wiki

* Though Belthazor wasn’t impossible to vanquish, Cole Turner was pretty much immortal, he always came back stronger and a little bit more insane. And, if that isn’t enough — Cole Turner. Swoon!

4x08_-_Belthazor 4x20-Cole-Vanquish

The Seer

The Seer was an Upper-Level Demon with the power to see the future and was the surrogate mother of the The Source’s Heir. She had been thousands of years old and had served several Sources. She served as the primary advisor to the Source after the Oracle was vanquished by Cole. The Seer had many powers, some of which included Premonition and Glistening. She was immune to spells and charms, and could only be vanquished by the Power of Three. She is portrayed as a devious woman and demon with her own evil plans and agenda.

* The Seer was one ruthless character! She was always focused on her mission, and if someone got in her way it wasn’t a pretty sight. She wasn’t the type to just sit on the sidelines and take orders, she was front and center taking care of business.

The_Seer_Sees_Into_The_Future 45847_1200488794062_full


Zankou was an ancient, ruthless, and extremely powerful upper-level demon who was feared, even by his own kind. Intelligent and cunning, his understanding of the human thought made him able to perceive, manipulate and prey on the weaknesses of his enemies. — Charmed Wiki

* Zankou was a badass character all the way around. His brilliant mind and demonic powers made him a force to be reckoned with. I love this actor in just about everything he’s been in – especially the Resident Evil movies. He made quite the lasting impression on me in his role as Zankou.

Zankou_Fireball 1014px-Zankou_Energy_Blast

The Hollow/Guardians of The Hollow

The Hollow is an ancient vapor and the most powerful magical force of unknown origin, which absorbs all forms of magic it comes in contact with, whether it be good or evil. It appears in a swarm of black vapor-like particles floating in mid-air that constitutes a power similar to a black hole, and it can also reside inside a magical living being, thus possessing their corporeal form. It cannot be destroyed by any known means, rather, it can only be contained when powerful representatives from both sides of good and evil join forces and combine their power. — Charmed Wiki

The Guardians of the Hollow are the eternal guardians of The Hollow, a force that has the power to consume all magical powers, good or evil, and is impossible to destroy. While roaming the earth centuries ago, the Hollow nearly decimated all magic until good and evil joined forces to contain it. The Hollow was placed in an ancient crypt to be guarded by a representative from both sides, an Angel and a Devil, for all eternity. — Charmed Wiki

* Although The Hollow is neither good nor evil, I have always been fascinated by the immense power it possesses, and the profound backstory of the Guardians of The Hollow. How ingenious to require an angel and a demon to watch over the worlds most powerful magical force.

Hollow,_The_(old_version) HOLLOW



Thank you so much to everyone that stopped here along the way to check out my MMM posts. I’ve met some really awesome people during this past week because of this awesome blog hop! Until next year…

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