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Welcome to the 3rd annual zOctober event hosted here on My Book Addiction! I’m super thrilled to have so many fabulous authors on the blog, as well as so many incredible fans stopping by to see what’s new in the zombie world. Thank you to everyone for being here!! Let’s welcome our next author….


by Rachel Tsoumbakos
Publication date: June 6th 2014
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Post-apocalyptic, Zombies

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Definition: n. a spiritual conversion or awakening; a fundamental change of character
Etymology: Greek ‘change one’s mind, repent’

Marli Anderson has just one task: assassinate Oscar La Monde, the man she once loved.

As assassin for hire for the prestigious Merrick’s Inc., she is sent back to her home town to kill the man she now loathes beyond all others—her husband. Considering they are on opposing sides of the uprising, Marli anticipates an easy task; ‘closure’ they call it. The fact that she can exact her revenge for his past discretions is just the icing on the cake.

When she arrives, the town has changed. The man she hated is unexpectedly welcoming. And the town’s folk—well, they’re just… different. Someone or something has transformed them all into a bunch of zombies. They appear to be harmless – but are they?

As she begins to uncover details of who may be behind the townsfolk’s’ metamorphosis, Marli is left fighting for the truth. Will she and Oscar be able to unravel the web of deception before it’s too late?

Should she trust her heart or her head? Which is less likely to get her killed?

Either way, METANOIA is a heart-stopping zombie apocalypse adventure that will keep you guessing at every twist and turn until the very end.

~Guest Post~

How can you survive the zombie apocalypse in less than optimal conditions?

In the perfect world, when the zombie apocalypse hits I will be at home surrounded by my preserved goods and self-sufficient veggie garden. My husband will be there to hunt deer and protect our property with his gun and crossbow.

However, sometimes life isn’t that easy. Imagine if you were stuck in traffic, far from home when the zombie apocalypse hit? Or in hospital like Rick Grimes was in The Walking Dead? There are thousands of ways in which the end of the world will occur at the least convenient moment.

So let’s have a look at how to survive the zombie apocalypse when you are least prepared for it.

First, here’s some classic locations you might get trapped in

On public transport. AMC has just announced they will be screening a miniseries based in the Walking Dead universe about people trapped on a plane when the zombie apocalypse occurs. Could you imagine that? A captive audience and nowhere to go. The best thing to do in this situation is either break out via the emergency exit or – in the case of a plane — to lock yourself into the toilet until you have safely landed (assuming the pilots are secure in the cockpit and haven’t turned).

At work. Many people work far from their home. So being trapped at work can be an issue, especially if you catch public transport to work. If you drive, grab the nearest deadly weapon and head to your car immediately. If the roads are already blocked or you rely on public transport, it will be a long walk home unless you can steal a bike (and, remember, stealing isn’t an offense during the zombie apocalypse).

Doing the shopping. Actually, this is a good place to be stuck in when the apocalypse starts, in order to stock up on non-perishable items. However, any public place with large numbers of people who could potentially turn at any given moment is a logistical nightmare unless you have a decent weapon and a mode of transport. Make sure you stock up and leave as soon as you can.

At school. Just when you think school couldn’t get any more torturous, the zombie apocalypse elevates getting eaten by your teacher to the place of your worst nightmares. At least there is science equipment and sharp implements at close range.

Visiting a relative. So grandma makes great scones, but during the apocalypse, this is the worst place for you to be. Doilies and knitted animals cushions do NOT kill zombies. Neither do spoon collections. Although, if your grandparents are anything like mine, raid their veggie garden before you and your relative hightail it home.

The other complication about being out of your comfort zone during the zombie apocalypse is the lack of tried and trusted weapons on hand. Here, in Australia, where I live, gun access is minimal to begin with, so creative weaponry is always an issue to any zombie apocalypse survivalist. Here’s some handy weapons that aren’t really weapons that you might consider using if you are stuck between a wall and a zombie:

Rake or other long handled garden implements. Choose a metal one over a wood or plastic one, although, a splintered wooden pole can be handy in a pinch.

Fire utensils. Iron pokers, ash brooms etc. are usually made from cast iron and have long handles, great for jabbing and swinging.

Baseball/cricket bat.

Heavy duty torch

Curtain rod

Kitchen knife

Axe/wood splitter. Any tools found in a shed or garage.

If you are on public transport, you could even try using the emergency hammer for breaking windows.

Fire extinguisher.

If you are stuck at work and can’t access a fire extinguisher, why not try dismantling a chair?

See, even when you are stuck in an unfamiliar place when the zombie apocalypse hits, there are still ways to work around it. Just remember, if you are out in public, weapons and transport are your most important concerns. Unless you are driving a bus home from Costco, I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to collect food at the very onset of the zombie apocalypse. Getting somewhere safe and away from people should be your number one priority.

Good luck!

Thank you for joining my little event, Rachel. Please know that you and your family are in my prayers every day. ~ Toni

~About the Author~

rachel tsoumbakos

Rachel Tsoumbakos is a stay home mother of two.

Her main passions are writing, reading and organic gardening. Rachel lives with her husband, two kids, three cats and seven chickens in suburban Melbourne, Australia.

While she has had several articles published through mainstream magazines, she has also written extensively for Suite 101 and True Blood Net.

In between writing novels, Rachel also runs a successful copywriting and formatting business.

Emeline and the Mutants is her first published novel and available on Amazon: The Ring of Lost Souls is set in an abandoned mental institute on the outskirts of Melbourne, is her second novel and also available on Amazon:

Her current work in progress, Unremembered Things, is an edgy paranormal trilogy about a woman who is in charge of saving the world even though she suffers from amnesia. Make sure you follow her blog for more information.

Her newest endeavour is Zombie Apocalypse Now! This is a zombie apocalypse serial written entirely from a female perspective – and these gals know how to kick some butt!

Rachel’s Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads


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