Read Along: Dire Warnings by Rhiannon Frater

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Dire Warnings
by Rhiannon Frater
Series: In Darkness We Must Abide (Serial)
Genre: Horror, Paranormal
Source: I received a copy of this book
from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Episode 6:

Vanora is haunted by the night her faith in her love and her siblings was shattered. After taking refuge in Austin in hopes of creating a new life, Vanora is tormented by dreams and visions of a mysterious albino vampire.

Serial Synopsis:

In Darkness We Must Abide is the epic saga of one young woman caught in the dangerous world of the creatures of the night.

Already living in the shadows due to her albinism, Vanora is just a little girl when her older brother inadvertently unleashes a terrible evil from the family crypt that changes their lives forever.

As she grows up in a world where beautiful deadly beings hunt by night, one captures her eye and her heart. Yet, can she trust the mysterious Armando? For there is a powerful entity plotting to claim her when she reaches adulthood in order to fulfill an ancient prophecy, and her enemy has enveloped her in a web of deceit, casting doubt on all she believes to be true. Soon, she will have to fight not only to save those she loves, but also for her very soul.

Rhiannon Frater delivers a chilling adventure once again with this multi-part epic serial with a dynamic cast, old school vampires, bloody action, a smoldering forbidden love, and a terrifying villain set against the backdrop of a modern day vampire war.


My Thoughts

Ahhh, the highly anticipated sixth episode! What do you think of the red cover for this episode? I wanted to eat them up before, but the red just begs for me to devour it.

Frater begins season two with a bang! We learn more about how tortured Vanora really is after the loss of her family, and the visions that haunt her. We get a more in-depth look at the mysterious Aeron and the prophecy he hopes to fulfill. We delve into juicy bits about Vanora and her mother that we were completely unaware of just a few short weeks ago. The friendship between Rhonda and Vanora, that we caught a brief glimpse of in season one, is now more tangible, and we get a sense of who Vanora is now that she’s on her own. I love that we have been able to grow with Vanora, and in such a short amount of time, too. This is only episode six, but I feel like I’ve been reading about her, learning about her, and growing with her for such a long time. It just proves that Frater pours her heart and soul into her characters. This series just keeps getting better with each episode, and I don’t think I can wait until June-freaking-28th for episode seven!!

If you haven’t started this series yet, grab it FREE right now: Death Comes Home, Episode 1.

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