Release Day Blast! Contagious Chaos by Emily Goodwin

contagious chaos

Contagious Chaos
by Emily Goodwin
Series: The Contagium #3
Publication date: September 23rd 2014
by Permuted Press
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Zombies

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When the compound starts to fill and food supplies dwindle, Fuller’s soldiers and Marines have no choice but to venture out into the lawless wastelands of America where they discover a new kind of enemy.

What foe could be more frightening than zombies? A fortress for the criminally insane–unhinged survivors who will stop at nothing to take Orissa and her friends down for good,

In order serve and protect their compound, will the gang have to abandon their own moral code and engage in a war against the uninfected?

~Guest Post~

Why I don’t want to live in the ZA
by Emily Goodwin

There is a popular meme I’ve seen many times that says something along the lines of the hardest part of the Zom-Poc will be pretending to not be excited. While I will admit there is something oddly thrilling about the thoughts of banding together, hunting down zombies, and living like you’re in a Resident Evil movie, I will be the first to say I will never, ever in a million years want to live through a ZA.

Being a horror writer, and more specifically, one who writes about zombies, that seems to surprise people. But through writing about my characters struggle to find food, shelter, and medication, I know how hard and horrible it would be.

Throughout the Contagium Series, the characters face more than just zombies. What happens to people who were sick before the apocalypse? Do they even stand a chance? And then there is the very real chance of people getting sick, which is no big deal now. We just go to the doctor and get a script for some meds and then we’re fine.

And I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time sleeping if I hear a noise at night and think there could possibly be someone in the house (which isn’t possible. Our house is guarded by a very large German Shepherd). I could never get a good night’s rest during the ZA unless I was in the compound with Orissa and Hayden watching my back.

But besides the obvious, live-or-die items and comforts, there are a lot of other things I’d miss too. These things have no impact on survival, but I’d be sad to see them go. So without further ado, here are the top five frivolous things I’d miss during a zombie apocalypse.

1. Hot showers. I love relaxing in a steamy hot shower. I’m sure I’d get very dirty during the ZA and not having a way to feel completely clean would drive me insane.

2. The internet. It’s my way to talk with friends and connect with fans. (Though, in a ZA I’d only imagine most would be dead.) There could potentially be a lot of down time when I’m not running for my life or savaging for food. And I’d miss distraction the Internet has to offer.

3. Eating and drinking for fun. Food isn’t something that should be wasted. During the ZA I wouldn’t stuff my face just because I could. Not eating that extra slice of cake or going back for seconds isn’t something I’d be happy about.

4. Air conditioning/heating. This could almost be considered a life or death item, so apart from heat-stroke inducing temps and freezing to death, keeping my shelter at a comfortable 72 degrees would be missed for sure.

5. Holidays. Halloween especially. You can group all parties into this. I can’t logically find a reason to deck the compound out in spider webs and tombstones. And Christmas lights might attract a zombie or two.

What would you miss most? Let me know in a blog comment!

~About the Author~

Emily Goodwin

Emily Goodwin is the international best-selling author of the stand-alone novel STAY, The Guardian Legacies Series: UNBOUND, REAPER, MOONLIGHT (releasing 2014), The Beyond the Sea Series: BEYOND THE SEA, RED SKIES AT NIGHT (releasing 2015) and The Contagium Series: CONTAGIOUS, DEATHLY CONTAGIOUS, CONTAGIOUS CHAOS, THE TRUTH IS CONTAGIOUS (Permuted Press).

Emily lives with her husband, daughter and German Shepherd named Vader. She has degrees in psychology and nursing. Along with writing, Emily enjoys riding her horse, designing and making costumes and Cosplay.

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