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by J.D. Horn
Series: Witching Savannah
Publication: April 26th 2016
by 47North
Category: YA
Genre: Gothic, Paranormal, Thriller

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1950s Georgia: King Cotton has fallen. Savannah is known as the “beautiful woman with a dirty face,” its stately elegance faded by neglect, its soul withering from racial injustice and political corruption.
The dark secrets of Savannah are intertwined with the story of the young Jilo Wills who rises to become a legendary part of the most powerful family of witches in the South. The origins of the famed Taylor witch family finds its roots with Jilo’s great-grandmother, Tuesday Jackson, and her grandmother, May Wills, both who used their sorcery to influence the city’s powerbrokers. The two matriarchs, however, die before they can provide Jilo with a solid education in the magical arts. In desperation to make a quick buck, Jilo takes advantage of the family’s reputation and her scant magical knowledge to create a “Mother Jilo” persona. But soon, Jilo is forced to accept the full weight of her legacy when it becomes clear she is the one that the mystical witch world has been waiting for. Jilo becomes the unbreakable link between the past and future witches of Savannah.
In this standalone introduction to one of the Witching Savannah series’ most vivid and beloved characters, readers are swept away by the resourceful and determined Jilo as she comes of age, strives to master formidable magical skills in the face of overwhelming adversity, and forges her strange destiny against the turbulent backdrop of the civil rights struggle in the American South.

JILO is a standalone prequel



It was the magic that had killed her mama, May felt sure of that. May didn’t know a thing about working magic, but she’d grown up feeling it try to work her. It was always pushing to break through the dam her mama had helped her build up against it. Always looking for holes in her dreams while she was sleeping, whispering seductively while she was awake, promising her quick solutions whenever her problems grew heavy on her shoulders. But no. Her mama had put the fear of the magic in her, and May was bound and determined never to go down the path her mama had traveled.
The night before her death, May’s mama had come around in the wee hours and let herself into May’s home unannounced, just about scaring her out of her wits. May had roused to find the older woman bent over her, the smell of rum thick on her warm breath. “Don’t you forget your promise to your mama,” her mother said, her lips pressing against her ear. “When your mama’s gone, the magic may come after you good and hard, but you don’t let it touch you.”
Her mama reached down and placed the palm of her hand along May’s jaw. “You hear me?” She released May and lowered herself down to sit on the edge of the mattress.
“Yes, ma’am,” May said, pushing herself up on her elbows. “You okay, Mama?”
“Your mama, she’s just tired. Worn out.” She lay down beside May, and May shifted to make room, wrapping an arm around the frail woman once she was settled. “She’s been fighting those devils too long, but she’s gonna put an end to it now, one way or the other. Even if it kills her.”
May didn’t ask who “those devils” were, or just how her mama planned to handle them. Getting Tuesday Jackson to share more than she had a mind to speak had always been an impossible task. A direct question would have been met with silence. May lay there quietly, hoping the rum she smelled on her mother’s breath might loosen her tongue, but it didn’t. Soon, May drifted off. That morning she awoke, as she always did, well before dawn, only to find her mother had already risen and left the house.
© 2016 J.D. Horn

~Praise for The Line (Witching Savannah Book 1) by J.D. Horn~

“In this debut contemporary urban mystery, J.D. Horn weaves an intricate, gripping tale of magic and mysticism with the assured grace and lyricism of a seasoned novelist.”
—Kathryn Leigh Scott, author of Dark Passages and star of the classic TV series, “Dark Shadows”

“The witch is dead and Mercy Taylor needs to find out who killed her in Horn’s intriguing debut…This tightly paced, entertaining series opener shows great potential.”
—Publishers Weekly

~The Witching Savannah Series~

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~About the Author~


J.D. Horn was raised in rural Tennessee and has carried a bit of its red clay with him while traveling the world, from Hollywood to Paris to Tokyo. He studied comparative literature as an undergrad, focusing on French and Russian in particular. J.D. also holds an MBA in international business and worked as a financial analyst before becoming a novelist. Along with his spouse, Rich, and his furry coauthors, Duke and Sugar, J.D. divides his time between Black Butte Ranch, Oregon, and San Francisco, California. Previous titles in the bestselling Witching Savannah series are The Line, The Void and The Source.

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