Release Day Review! Garden of Lilies by Eli Constant

Garden of Lilies
by Eli Constant
Publication: June 14th 2018
by Eli Constant Books
Category: Adult
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Source: ARC

My Rating:

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‘A lonely girl in a necromancy-hating world trying to avoid a good-old fashioned stake burning whilst also avoiding her sexy fae stalker? Just a walk in the park for funeral director and closet ghost magnet, Victoria Cage.’

Surviving the near-genocide of her kind, Victoria Cage is one of the world’s few remaining necromancers. To stay alive, she hides in plain sight by running the funeral home that’s been in her family for generations.

When a murder victim reanimates on her embalming table, Victoria—‘Tori’—has two choices: ignore the spirit’s plea for help or try to catch the killer.

Drawn into a mystery involving child trafficking, a dark court fairy named Blackthorn, and a mysterious half-brother with a twisted sense of humor, Tori soon finds she’s knee-deep in a cocktail of blood magic, death power, and fae meddling.

With things getting messier by the minute, Tori realizes that this time things are different, and solving someone’s unfinished business might change everything for her, including the powers she’s still learning to master.

But when a spirit comes knocking, what’s a necromancer going to do? She opens the door to a whole new world, of course, self-preservation be damned.

~My Thoughts~

I didn’t know what to expect going into this new series. I’ve read some of Eli’s zombie-themed books so I already knew she was a good writer, but this series is something totally new and unique. A brilliant mashup of dark urban fantasy goodness! It’s a slow burning tale with an organic flow.

The story begins by introducing Victoria Cage, a necromancer who must keep her gifts hidden. The world she lives in is set post WWIII after a major event that demands all necromancers be put to death. I was intrigued the moment I saw the word necromancer, but there is so much more to this story. It’s part crime thriller, part paranormal/fantasy, and part romance. While I normally steer clear of too much romance in my reading library, I decided to make an exception for this series. The fantasy aspect is incredible and kept me captivated throughout. Just when I thought I knew how something would turn out…it was time to rethink. There are characters that I adored and those that made me wish for their demise. A perfect balance of light and dark.

I look forward to diving deeper into this world that Eli Constant has breathed life (and death) into with the upcoming books in the series! The good news is: you don’t have to wait too long read each installment. This is a rapid release series which means the books are already written. I recommend picking up a copy of this first book and jumping in quick!

~About the Author~

Eli Constant also writes as: Eli Grace & Eliza Grace.

Author of speculative, mind-bending fiction. The Dead Trees Series, The Shadow Forest Series, and more. Co-author of The Z Children Series. Adores all things quirky, eats ice cream with a fork, and likes warm Dr. Pepper (on a cool day). Once thought she’d marry Martin Short… until she discovered Alan Rickman. #Always (Might also have Dustin Hoffman on her ‘I get a pass’ list)

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