Review & Giveaway! Deer in Headlights by Staci Hart

Deer in Headlights

Deer in Headlights
by Staci Hart
Series: Good Gods #1
Publication date: February 13th 2013
Category: Adult 18+
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy
Source: Kindle Freebie

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How do the Greek gods kill time? Because they’re always bored. It’s an unavoidable downside of being alive for thousands of years. So, they play games. Games with human players. Remember Shakespeare? Yeah, that was Apollo. Bonnie and Clyde? Aphrodite vs Ares.

It’s Aphrodite’s turn once again in the rounds of competitions, and she’ll defend her domain: Love. She hasn’t lost a competition on her turf in over three millennia, and she’s not about to start now. Apollo is her first competitor, and he’s on a mission to win. If he wins, he’ll get a token; a favor that Aphrodite must fulfill. And with that favor, he’ll finally get the one woman he’s never been able to have.

Aphrodite and Apollo will choose their human players, and if Aphrodite can’t get them together before the clock runs out, Apollo will get his way. And she couldn’t have that.

Lex and Dean are perfect for each other. They just don’t know it yet.

Dean is a perpetual bachelor, and a man-whore. A brooding, gorgeous, rock star man-whore. Lex always has a boyfriend, but she’s never let anyone in enough to let herself go. Not really. Not ever. Aphrodite has her work cut out for her, but if she can’t make it work, no one can.

But she has more at stake than just Lex and Dean. Apollo killed her mortal love, and that beef has been dragging on for thousands of years. Ares, the douchebag, is forever trying to start a fight, and get Aphrodite into bed. And Persephone, her best friend, is the one person she can confide in, laugh with, and always count on for a healthy helping of bacon when she’s having a bad day.

Follow the gods as they fight, laugh, cry, lose love, and gain power. Making a mess with humans has never been so fun.

~My Thoughts~

Can you imagine being immortal? I mean, sure everyone and their mother wants to be a sparkly vampire these days, but can you honestly wrap your mind around the meaning of forever? There are plenty of times I’ve gotten bored in my tiny existence, I can’t even fathom what I would do with myself for thousands of years. Although I may actually get through my TBR pile if I was immortal! Well, the Greek gods have figured out a way to fend off everlasting boredom. They get laid. A lot. Hehe. But seriously.. they have devised a friendly little competition, one that allows them to win coins that will award them special favors from each other. Two gods are chosen to slug it out, each choosing a human player to be their pawn. Aphrodite and Apollo are on deck. Aphrodite has to make her player fall in love before time run outs and Apollo has to keep that from happening by using his own player. It’s a really awesome concept and I want the game on my PS3! 😉

Let me start by saying that I love the covers of these books! Staci is quite the talented designer as well as being a remarkable author. I am blown away by how much detail went into this book. It’s a short novel at only 160+ pages, but it feels like a 350 page book. What I’m trying to say is that it’s a quick read, but the plot and characters have incredible depth that I never imagined possible considering the length of the book.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never read anything this comprehensive involving mythology before and I was a bit intimidated when I first started reading. There are so many characters, and during the first chapter or two I was a bit overwhelmed by the lot of them. I was certain I wouldn’t be able to keep them all straight, but as the story continued to unfold I became more and more comfortable. The blend of Greek gods with modern day folks really won me over. The contrast between the larger than life gods and the realistic lifestyles of Lex and Dean gives the story a unique characteristic.

I definitely recommend Deer in Headlights to fans of paranormal romance, fantasy and mythology. It’s always free on Amazon so there’s no reason not to grab a copy and become enthralled by a world unlike anything you’ve read before!

~About the Author~

Staci Hart

Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life — a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can’t forget that. She’s also been a mom; she has three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She’s been a wife; even though she’s certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She’s also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she’s been drinking whiskey. Her favorite word starts with f, ends with k, and there a uc in there. Just saying. From roots in Houston, to a seven year stint in Southern California, Staci and her family ended up settling somewhere in between and equally north, in Denver. They are new enough that snow is still magical. When she’s not writing, she’s sleeping, cleaning, or designing graphics. But let’s be honest, she’s mostly writing.

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