Review & Giveaway! The Beginning is the End (Reset #1) by Cara Davis


The Beginning is the End
by Cara Davis
Series: Reset #1
Publication date: October 20th 2014
by Big Moon Press
Category: YA
Genre: Horror, Zombies
Source: Author in exchange for an honest review

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Jack Sunshine’s life is chaos. She’s seventeen and the head of her household following the death of her mother and the disappearance of her stepfather. Having to balance work and home at her age gets further complicated with her forays into dating. And to top it all off, the dead are returning to life.

Jack now has the added responsibility of ensuring her family and friends are safe and sound during this outbreak. It’s almost doable until the tiny enigma of a girl named O comes along. It becomes a question of whether the sick will kill them or they’ll kill each other.

My Thoughts

Books about strange illnesses that turn into epidemic proportions are some my favorites to read in this genre. The Beginning is the End is exactly that type of book. It’s a topic that easily scares me because it’s something that could actually happen. This particular story follows Jack (Jacqueline) Sunshine and the people in her life. Some have been friends and family for many years, others are new to her world, but each has their own place in the story, and all have very distinct personalities. The characters in this story are so real to me, I could pick them out by sound across a crowded room.

I was pulled into the story from page one, even though it doesn’t start out terrifying. I enjoyed getting to know Jack: Her quirks, her wonderfully sarcastic tone, and the things that have happened in her life that make her the person she is today. She’s a mother to her younger sister, Lucy, and a great friend to her friends, but she also doesn’t take any crap. Her attitude reminded me a lot of myself, which made it very easy to relate to her.

People in the town start getting sick, and Jack is quite paranoid about it. She won’t let her little sister play with her friends because she doesn’t want to take any chances. (Also sounds like me.) When this mysterious flu starts hitting closer to home, and she learns about how sick the people around her are, she and her friends must spring into action and seek help in a New Orleans hospital. Unfortunately, what they find is so terrifying they are chased off without any answers. Time to go home and regroup! Do they sit tight and hope no one in their group gets sick? Or do they make a plan to get as far away as possible? Jack wants to make the right choice to keep everyone in her group safe! But where is safe?

Jack is by far my favorite character in the story. She is the whole package – smart, caring, cautious, brave, and funny. You may be completely freaked out as she tells her tale, but you’ll be chuckling and biting your nails at the same time!

There were a couple small things that I found myself rolling my eyes about. One that stands out in my mind is the port-o-potty scene. No way would that happen in the real world. Someone has to go to the bathroom with a horde of infected surrounding your group? They’d be hanging their rear out the car door to go on the ground. There’s no way there would be any kind of bathroom etiquette in a world like that.

The ending of this first installment is… well, I’m not sure how I feel about it. The situation is strange and completely unexpected, which I thought was a nice twist, but… I don’t know. I need the next book so I can find out what happens!

The author’s writing style is intelligent and smooth, making it super easy to get sucked right in. I loved this book, and I think that all fans of spine-chilling horror, zombie, and pandemic-style stories will, too. The Beginning is the End is a wild blend of horror, suspense and humor. I can’t wait to read more by this author!

About the Author

cara davis

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