Review: The Demon Notebook by Erika McGann

demon notebook

The Demon Notebook
by Erika McGann
Publication date: June 3rd, 2014
by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Category: Middle Grade
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Received from publisher
in exchange for an honest review

My Rating:

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For Grace and her four best friends, magic is just harmless fun—until it’s not…

Things have gone wrong for Grace, Jenny, Rachel, Adie, and Una. Very wrong. A freak snowstorm stranded the whole school, the history teacher’s gone bonkers, and their notebook has taken on a diabolical life of its own, bringing all of their previously failed spells to life. At first the girls are thrilled to see their magic finally working.

But the spells are botched and people might get hurt and Una’s not acting quite right…

Can the girls stop the madness before the demon notebook works through their list of spells, slowly creeping towards the last, truly awful spell that they didn’t really want to happen?

My Thoughts

It’s so refreshing to indulge in a magical middle grade story every now and then, and The Demon Notebook does not disappoint. It’s such a fun and spooky read! A close-knit group of pre-teen girls dabbles in magic, trying out a variety of spells that refuse to work for them. They document all of their failed spells in a notebook, and move on to the next. That is, until they’ve had a big enough taste of failure and decide to use a Ouija Board. Their spells begin to work, but they quickly learn they’ve made a grave error, one that must be remedied before the demon reaches the final spell in the notebook.

The Demon Notebook is quite an adventure, filled with lovable characters that remind me of the ridiculous things I did at that age. I’m glad no one wrote a book about our adventures, although there are pictures — hehe — but it thrills me to immerse myself in a well-written, fabulously paced story that breathes life into those memories. I’ve always said you don’t mess with a Ouija Board, because you never know what kind of trouble you’re inviting. Ha!

I highly recommend The Demon Notebook to all fans of magic and adventure with just the right amount of creepy. This is awesome storytelling right here!

* Ages 9 and up.

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