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by Krys Fenner
Series: Dark Road Series #2
Publication: August 16th 2015
Category: YA
Genre: Psychological Thriller

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Hope springs eternal for everyone except Bella Kynaston. She survived the rape, but making it through the trial is another deal all together. As lies come forward, more questions arise leaving Bella to suffer more punishment than she believed she deserved. Sometimes ending it all seems like the only answer. Will she find the peace she so desperately seeks if the pain permanently ended?

Jeremiah believed he’d done the right thing, even if the timing hadn’t been ideal. The only way to protect Bella was if he stayed out of her life. Or so he thought. When Bella starts dating David, Jeremiah thinks David could save her. As it turns out, things progressively get worse. Could Jeremiah be the solution? If so, can he get to her in time? Or will he suffer the worst punishment of his life and lose her forever?



The visit at the police station took longer than she anticipated. It had started in the late afternoon and ran into early evening. Initially she planned to go straight home, but after the information she’d discovered about her birth parents, she needed space. Then there was the disclosure of what Gervasio claimed. According to him, they’d met at a July fourth party where she introduced herself as Giovanna. Although they’d had a good time, she dodged calls he’d made to her. None of which she remembered. It all just made her feel like she deserved the attack.
Space wasn’t the only thing she required. She had to be reaffirmed life could mean more and happiness had existed. That she hadn’t imagined it all. Bella drove to the one place she’d ever found true peace. Jeremiah lived on the outskirts of Nautica Valley, about twenty minutes from her home. She easily found a spot and parked across from his house.
Bella had spent one night at the Detrone residence. It was the night her moth… Milena had stayed in the hospital overnight when the raid on their house happened. Bella had begun the night in Amanda’s room, but couldn’t sleep. She’d gone to the living room after a couple of hours. In the middle of the night Jeremiah woke up and found her curled up on the couch. The next morning Bella woke up in Jeremiah’s room, in his bed. It was the first and only night she could recall actually sleeping peacefully without any nightmares. A peace she lost the day he walked out of her hospital room and out of her life.
Bella stared at the television. What was she watching? Okay, she wasn’t exactly watching it. The doctor insisted she stay put to prevent any further complications. While she comprehended the order, she only wished to visit Jeremiah. She hadn’t seen him since the shooting. The last memory she had was his hand as it clung to hers. A knock on the door pulled her back to the present.
Jeremiah carted himself and his IV pole inside. “Hey Bella.”
“Miah! Hi.” A bright, warm smile spread across her lips and she clicked the TV off.
Winded from the trek, he sat down in the chair by the bed. “How’re you feeling?”
“Better, but I think that’s mostly the pain meds.”
“But the doctors got everything taken care of, right?”
“Yeah. I had a small infection, so they started me on antibiotics, but it’s clearing up nicely.” She rolled the blanket down and lifted her gown to show him the bandaged area of her abdomen.
Jeremiah slowly reached forward and rested his palm near the bandage. “I’m so sorry, Bell.”
“You okay?” Bella laid her hand atop his and squeezed. He looked so forlorn. Maybe the physical pain from his trip to her room weighed on him more than he dared let on.
“You shouldn’t be in here.”
She opened her mouth and snapped it shut. Lord, please let him mean she should be out of the hospital by now. “Well, I’m sure I’ll be out of ICU soon.”
“That’s not what I mean.”
“Miah, what’s going on? You’re acting weird.”
“I was thinking about something my dad told me yesterday… regarding the shooting.” Jeremiah removed his hand from her grip and straightened in the chair. He rubbed the top of his brow as some thought crossed his mind.

~About the Author~


At the age of 16, Krys Fenner fell in love with Psychology and Creative Writing. At that time she wrote her first short story dealing with sexual abuse and forgiveness. Psychological issues in her family filled her with the desire to help others using her own experiences. So in 2004, she earned an Associate of Arts in Psychology. And while her sister is the one with dreams of becoming a Psychologist, Krys Fenner returned to Creative Writing. She is currently working on a Bachelor of Arts and plans to continue on to a Masters degree, where she can major in her first love (Creative Writing) and minor in her second (Psychology).

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