Discussion Post: Balancing Book Tours

How Do You Balance Your Book Tours? Just as easily as you can request too many book from Netgalley or Edelweiss, do you find, as a book tour host, that it’s way too easy to overload yourself with book tours? I went a little nuts when I first learned about book tours and became a host, for several different book tour websites. I wanted to say yes to almost every email I received, but I have since tried to slow {Read More}

Discussion Post: Do You Make Faces While You Read?

I recently realized that whenever I’m reading a description about someone making a face in a book, I actually attempt to make the same face. I wonder, at times, if some authors actually realize what it is they’re saying when trying to describe facial expressions. Is that strange? I know I’m weird, but the question is… am I weirder than everyone else? For example: I was curled up on the couch last night and I read a line in a {Read More}

Discussion Post: Reviewing Graphic Novels, Comic Books and Books of Art

Hello, all my fellow book nerds! I hope you have been enjoying your weekend. I’ve been super lazy, my favorite way to be lately — on the couch with a blanket and good book. Our weather here in Michigan hasn’t been the greatest so I haven’t had any desire to be outside. I don’t know where spring has sprung, but it definitely isn’t here. (I wrote that and then went outside and it’s sixty degrees. lol) Anyway… I was recently {Read More}