UtopYAcon 2014 Superstar Package Giveaway!


This is my first post as an official blogger for UtopYAcon 2014! I am thrilled beyond words to be chosen as an official blogger for such an amazing event. I still wake up some mornings and have to make sure it wasn’t a dream. I am also honored to be hosting the first UtopYAcon giveaway! Get ready to be blown away by this prize package…

What is UtopYA?

UtopYA Convention: for women writers of supernatural YA and NA fiction and their fans!
June 20-22, 2014 at the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee

The first-of-its-kind convention for women writers of supernatural YA and NA fiction, and their fans!

If you love contemporary or paranormal romance, sci-fi, dystopian futures, vampires, werewolves, angels, wizards, demons or demigods, then this unconventional convention is for you.

Panels, filled with writers and experts in the publishing and entertainment industries, will have something for established and aspiring authors and screenwriters to improve their craft and advance their careers, as well as FUN panels for fans where then can directly influence and interact with their favorite authors!

So, who wants to win this EPIC PRIZE PACKAGE? I see a lot of hands in the air for this one!

The Superstar Package includes:

*3-day pass to the utopYA convention (utopYAcon)
*Front-of-line Fan admission to the Friday Public Signing Event
*Admission to Saturday Pre-Awards Cosmic Cocktails hour (Appetizers included. Cash bar for those 21 and up)
*Preferred Admission to utopYA Awards (you enter and pick your seats before General Admission ticket holders are allowed in)
*Admission to Post-Awards Dance Party
*One commemorative utopYA 2013 women’s cut T-shirt (discounted t-shirt price)
*Two lunch tickets – lunch provided on premises both Friday and Saturday
*Admission to the Sunday Write-in

The winner of this giveaway will also receive a $75 Amazon Gift Card!

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Follower of Jesus, loving wife, homeschooling mom, blogger, author, gamer, and a lover of the culinary arts. Toni lives in Michigan with her husband and four children. If she's not writing or curled up with a book, you'll most likely find her playing with her kids, baking cupcakes, or killing zombies.
  • Shelley Custer

    I would LOVE LOVE to win this prize! I already have my tickets but I really want my friend to be able to come and enjoy this convention! As a brand new author she will without a doubt reap many rewards from all the spectacular panels and the networking opportunity would be amazing! She is an amazing person and excellent writer!

    • Shelley.. please make sure that your friend enters because the package is non-transferable! Thank you so much. πŸ™‚

      • Shelley Custer

        Yes ma’am! I’ll make sure she enters! πŸ™‚ I am so excited for you to be one of the official bloggers! You have done such an amazing job for authors and others! Congratulations! I look forward to meeting you in June!

  • Zapkode Marie

    I have never been to anything like it before and I think it could be quite enjoyable.

  • Wow!!! What an amazing prize package!!!! I would love to be able to meet all the amazing authors that I love and hopefully meet some of the online friends that I’ve made over the last 6 months. Thank you for the chance to win!

  • Ginnie Hutto

    I have been trying to go to one of these signings since I first heard about it. But time and all never seem to work out right lol. Plus i mean have you seen the authors at this thing, wow!

  • Casey Peeler

    Awesome giveaway! I can’t wait for June!!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    I LOVED UtopYA last year and cannot wait to get back there again in June! The energy that flows around the venue is unrivaled, and the author line-up is spectacular. I have my tickets already but would love to win the prizes and take a friend along to experience UtopYA2014.

  • Nikki Deatherage

    Honestly? i’d love to win this prize package because I recently lost my job (don’t roll your eyes, it’s true lol) and unemployment is going to just cover my bills..what about *MY* book addiction. The giftcard will cover that, and the UtopYA package would be awesome to have.. Hopefully by then i’d have a job and could take my sister with me (she’s also a book nerd).

    • Why would I roll my eyes? Losing your job sucks, sweets. Good luck with the giveaway!

      • Nikki Deatherage

        Lol. I just know that sometimes people bust out the sob stories in hopes that it garners the sympathy vote. It did suck but luckily I had already purchased Christmas gifts. πŸ™‚

        • Well, that’s good. At least you don’t have to worry about added holiday stress. And don’t worry.. stories don’t garner votes with a Rafflecopter πŸ™‚

  • Jessica Posey

    I missed going to UtopYA last year and I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to go in 2014. Thank you in advance for the consideration and Happy Holidays!

  • Rainne Atkins

    Good luck to everyone!

    I won’t enter, Toni, as I’m in the UK and would be unable to go πŸ™

  • Crystal

    I live in Nashville, and have missed UtopYA both years! I am literally itching at the chance to go! I have added UtopYA tickets to my wishlist for Christmas/New Years/Anniversary present, but I’m not willing to risk it! Thank you so much for the chance to attend!!! ::hugs::

    • How awesome! I wish I lived in Nashville. How great is it there? My husband and I want to move there.

  • Laura

    This is the first time I hear about UtopYAcon, and I think this is amazing.
    Good luck to everyone!!

  • Alissa Leonard

    I am a new author of YA fantasy. I’ll be finishing my first novel this spring. I’d love to meet fans and authors of my genre. πŸ™‚

  • Victoria Klahr

    I think it would be wonderful to meet up with fellow avid lovers and readers of YA!!!! So looking forward to this!

  • Sharron Riddle Houdek

    I’ve already registered for the conference, but I would love to win this package because it is AMAZING. If I won, I would donate my purchased ticket to someone else,

  • Because it would be awesome!

  • Lindsey

    Congratulations for being an official blogger for UtopYACon! I would love to go so I can be startstruck by my fave YA authors and so I can learn all the things! Things are changing so fast in the publishing world, I can’t keep up!

  • Carol Savoy-Fox

    OMG! I would so love to go, but I am afraid to go anywhere alone and my honey wouldn’t dream of going to this πŸ™ So sad πŸ™

  • Sarah Vesper

    I would like to win because it sounds like an awesome prize abd would be a great christmas present πŸ˜‰

  • Erin Hayes

    I would love to go because I would love to meet everyone!!

  • RF

    I live (relatively) close to Nashville, sci-fi is cool, girl nerds are cool, and road trips are cool.

  • Monica G.

    I would love to win because I’ve never been to UtopYA (or any other convention or that matter) and by being a bookworm, I would love to have the opportunity to meet some of my favorite authors. Thanks for the chance at winning this amazing gift!

  • MonicaBlanton

    I would love to win this b/c my first UtopYa was last year and I loved it and want to go back! This time I would love to bring my fiancee. I am a writer and have 2 short stories published so far and working on 2 of my own books. Things have been a little tight and stressful lately with not much of a way out and this would be a perfect oppertunity for my fiancee and I to get away and do something together. We have been together 7 yrs and have 2 little girls and have yet to go on some kind of vacay together. I am thankful for everything we do have and I feel blessed, but a breather would really be nice right now. We both have been working so hard lately to stay a float, on so many different levels, and we never get any further. I feel that if there is some time we could have to just step back it would help tremendously! PLEASE!!!

  • Sierra A McBride

    I have never been to a signing to convention. It would give me a reason to go really and to not feel weird. Lol I don’t know many people in the blogging world, but it would be amazing to meet the Authors that write all of the amazing books I love. <3

    TY for the chance !

  • Tia

    I have never been to any of these conventions, book signings, anything like that. I live in a very small place and don’t have access to all these authors and books without traveling quite some distance. I would love to be able to get my feet wet by having this be my first convention. I LOVE YA and it is my favorite genre. I think this would be something my teen and I could do together. Thanks for the Awesome giveaway!

  • Kerri Conner Huffstutler

    I love to read and the chance to meet my favorite author would be amazing.

  • Sarah Conner

    I would love to meet some of my favorite authors and also be able to talk to others who love to read.

  • Kendall McCubbin

    I would love to win this prize package because although I’m already going to UtopYA, I didn’t buy a SuperStar Package, so it would be an awesome upgrade lol!

  • Lauren

    I would absolutely love this, I have never been able to go because of school but I graduate this spring and it would be a wonderful graduation present! πŸ™‚

  • Laveda Allen

    Would live to win because I’m a HUGE paranormal reader and would love to meet some really awesome writers! I would be so happy, I’d shit a brick! Thank you so much for the chance!

  • Margaret Taylor

    Would love to win myself! Thanks for the chance and the awesome con!

  • K. A. Last

    Congrats Toni. How fantastic to be a part of this. I love your blog and think you’re pretty awesome πŸ™‚

  • Somia

    Congratulations ^^ and thank you for the giveaway