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dead hunger

Dead Hunger
by Eric A. Shelman
Series: Dead Hunger #1
Publication date: October 1st 2011
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Zombies

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An epidemic that transforms humans into zombie-like creatures has swept over the eastern United States and quite possibly the world, and Flex Sheridan doesn’t like it one bit. In an effort to save his younger sister, Flex re-connects with perhaps the strongest woman he knows – Gem Cardoza, his former girlfriend. Together they take his six-year-old niece Trina, the only uninfected survivor of hi…s sister’s famiy, and his infected sister Jamie, and make a run from central Florida back to his isolated home in Lula, Georgia. As they head north, they encounter another uninfected, Hemphill “Hemp” Chatsworth. A naturalized U.S. citizen, Hemp is British, and extremely smart. He holds a degree in Epidemiology and Mechanical Engineering, both of which this group will need. Along with the crossbow-wielding Charlene “Charlie” Sanders and a pregnant Great Pyrenees dog, this small group uses street smarts, book smarts, and technology to defend against the new “Abnormals” that walk the earth. But Hemp is also compelled to learn how they got this way, and if possible, how to reverse the condition and save Flex’s sister. So grab your machine gun and take a ride in their fortified vehicles and mobile lab; you’re going to want these people on your side when the Dead Hunger . . . Please note: This book contains strong language.

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~About the Author~

eric a shelman

Eric A. Shelman, originally born in Fort Worth, Texas and raised in California, currently lives in SW Florida with his wife, Linda. He is an indie author, having taken control of everything in his writing and publishing career himself. While he has been offered publishing contracts, he has politely declined – but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be that way!

His first book came out in 1999, which is pretty much the time he quit writing altogether. But then came along 2011, when Eric caught the zombie bug and wrote Dead Hunger: The Flex Sheridan Chronicle. This crap clearly got out of hand, because he then wrote SIX more in the series, along with a witch novel (Generation Evil), a serial killer novel (A Reason To Kill) and a time travel/serial killer novel (Shifting Fears.) His latest work is a bit of reanimated dead fun, a novel intended to be the first of a trilogy called The Camera: Bloodthirst.

So you can see that Eric is quite prolific with over a dozen books to his credit, and he intends to whisk his wife of 28 years away in a motor home eventually, where they will see the United States and Eric will write from every part of this great country. He may even stop by YOUR town, so be sure to friend him on Facebook, Goodreads, or anywhere else you see his name. He’ll be sure to let you know when he’s at an event near you. Be sure to look for him at Days of the Dead in Chicago in November of 2014. He’ll be there for all three days of the event, held on the 21st through the 23rd.

All of Eric’s books – yes, all of them – have been optioned for film, and a few of the screenplays are already done and the marketing is underway, with my very first book, Out of the Darkness: The Story of Mary Ellen Wilson, leading the charge for the first movie to be made. Be watching for this true story to hit the screen – hopefully as a major motion picture release.

Eric’s Website | Facebook | Goodreads


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