Vote for the official poster of #utopYA2014!

I am so excited to be able to provide you with the opportunity to vote for the OFFICIAL POSTER of UtopYA Con 2014! The poster with the most votes will be the one that ALL the invited author panelists will sign.

Thank you so much to Whit & Ware Design for creating such awesome posters to choose from!

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Now, let’s have a look at our options, shall we? I know it’s going to be difficult to choose just one, but take your time.. have a good look.. then cast your vote below.

Design #1


Design #2


Design #3


Let the voting begin!

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  • Mike Bolter

    I gotta go with #1 with #3 as a close runner-up

  • #3 because it has Nashville. but they all look fab! Nice, Victoria!!

  • Stacy Theophanides Sanford

    They are all so beautiful – great job! But alas, #3 is my favorite, followed closely by #1 and then #2.

  • alisonpensy

    Great Job!!! #1 is my favorite, followed by #3.

  • Sabrina Taylor

    Voted for #3. Good luck and I think they were all fabulous covers.

  • Chrys Fey

    Voted for #1. I like the alien. 😉

  • SassyCat’s Reviews

    My family and I vote #3, I’m not sure if there’s a voting grid but if there is I can’t see it. So 3 vote total for #3 🙂

  • I go with number 3!

  • Morgan Wylie

    I agree #3 bc I love the city in it!

  • Great choices! I cast my vote! 🙂

  • Becky Stephens

    They’re all great designs! That was a difficult choice!

  • Barbara Gordon

    I wish they could merge #2 & #3 together – like, so the green beems were coming from the spaceships (like in #1 & #2) and not just random.

  • I agree with Barbara Gordon…having the beams come from the spaceship like in #2 would look cool on #3.

  • Michelle

    I like having the city on the bottom. 🙂

  • Heidi

    Design 3 Love how you included the Batman Building