Waiting on Wednesday (#9)

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event that is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine
and spotlights upcoming releases that we’re eagerly anticipating.

My pick for this week:



The Shining – Signed Limited Edition
by Stephen King
Expected publication: October 2013
Genre: Horror

Danny was only five years old but in the words of old Mr Halloran he was a ‘shiner’, aglow with psychic voltage. When his father became caretaker of an the Overlook Hotel his visions grew frighteningly out of control.

As winter closed in and blizzards cut them off, the hotel seemed to develop a life of its own. It was meant to be empty, but who was the lady in Room 217, and who were the masked guests going up and down in the elevator? And why did the hedges shaped like animals seem so alive?

Somewhere, somehow there was an evil force in the hotel – and that too had begun to shine…

The Shining – Signed Limited Editions
Shipping from Subterranean Press October 2013

The luxurious hardcovers will be published in three formats and will feature over 40 illustrations by acclaimed artist Gabriel Rodriguez. The signed editions will be signed by Stephen and the artist.

Format 1. Signed Limited Edition of 750 numbered copies, housed in a custom traycase.

Format 2. Signed Lettered Edition of 52 copies, specially bound, housed in a custom traycase.

Format 3. Gift Edition of 1500 unsigned copies, cloth bound, housed in a custom slipcase.

Why I’m waiting…

Since I currently have enough books to warrant a top spot on Hoarders, I decided to choose something I am “waiting on” for my dad. He is THE BIGGEST Stephen King fan in the world. I’m pretty sure I could prove that statement, somehow, if I really tried. I want to buy this signed limited edition hardcover copy of The Shining for him because my dad is one hell of an awesome guy.

Below we have my dad’s “Shrine to the King,” which is hanging on his bedroom wall. In the center of the frame you can see a large piece of paper with a pink circle in the upper right corner — inside that pink circle is Stephen King’s autograph, as shown in the second picture. I am pretty sure the paper is the back of a menu my parents were eating at in Florida, where SK was also eating. And just in case there was any mistaking the fact that Stephen King is my father’s one true book god, there are a dozen pictures of the man all around the menu. Isn’t it fabulous?



What are you waiting on this Wednesday?

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  • oh heck yes, I want..love it!!! I cannot wait for Doctor Sleep..eep! My WoW

  • As I was reading the blurb I thought “Oooh, this sounds spooky!” Then I realised who the author was… LOL! Not my kind of read but I hope you enjoy reading it and I hope your dad does, too!

    • You’ve never read The Shining, or watched the movie? The book was originally published in 1980 so I’ve already read it (and seen the movie). I just want to buy this as a special present for my dad. I doubt he will do anything but display it. lol. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • I’ve heard so much about this story, but haven’t read or seen it. Sounds like something I could enjoy πŸ™‚

    My WOW

  • Great choice, I’m with your dad on this one! I have a copy of The Shining but I would love a pretty, shiny new one! Not sure my budget would stretch to any of the Sub Press editions sadly…

    My WoW!

    • *nods* A great love like this is not without cost. lol

      • Just had a quick look to see if it was worth selling a twin and they only have the Gift Edition left at $95!!! Not sure I can sneak that one past the banker of the house, oh well!

        • Holy crap, that foils my plans. Booo. Although I’m sure someone bought ’em all up to sell on eBay so I’ll have to look their after it’s release. I hope you can sneak it past the banker. lol.

  • Collections are such fun, especially when they’re bookish! Thanks for sharing…and here’s


    • I agree, collections are fun. I have a collection of my own – Elvis Presley memorabilia πŸ™‚

  • I haven’t read any king in a long time, Hope you get to read it soon!

    Brandi at Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  • I love Stephen King, what a great great daughter you are πŸ™‚

    My WoW

  • Wow, how awesome would it be to have a copy of that! The addition of illustrations by Gabriel Rodriguez is awesome! But damn. Those PRICES. Still, very awesome. πŸ™‚
    My WoW Pick!

  • I’ve never read this one but I’ve seen the movie lol

    Jaime @ Two Chicks On Books

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