#zOctober2013 Review & Freebie! Bitten by Tristan Vick


by Tristan Vick
Publication date: May 23rd 2012
Category: Adult
Genre: Horror, Zombies
Source: Won in a giveaway

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After what appears to be a massive outbreak of rabies, the denizens of Newcastle City soon discover they are dealing with a much deadlier scourge than initially thought. Amid the rising dead and ensuing chaos, Rachael Ramirez searches for her missing son. Soon enough she meets a young veterinarian named Alyssa Briggs, and the two of them team up with a struggling band of survivors, including a schizophrenic nymphomaniac, a narcissistic playboy, and a ragtag group of hardened soldiers. Little does anyone know, however, that Rachael holds a shocking secret that may be the key to humanity’s salvation or else prove to be humanity’s worst curse. While the city falls apart around them, the small band of survivors do the only thing they can do… try not to get bit.

~My Thoughts~

I’m pretty much torn down the middle over this book. There were some great things and some no-so-great things about this story. The concept is an excellent one, and I was really excited to crack open this book after reading the synopsis. It turned out to be fast-paced, at times terrifying, and definitely lived up to the name of “resurrection thriller.” Everyone knows how deep my love goes for anything zombie and/or post-apocalyptic, so I find it easy to get sucked in by most books that fall into this genre. Bitten was no exception. The author dives right into the thick of things and got my adrenaline pumping on page one.

I have mixed emotions about the characters, though. This is a character driven story, which is my favorite kind, but I didn’t find myself connecting to these characters as much as I would have liked. I think it’s because some of their skills and attributes were pretty unrealistic. I also wasn’t thrilled about the typos, which became distracting for me. I tried to ignore them, as I usually do, but even from the very beginning there was a scene where Hector referenced his mom, but her name is mistakenly replaced by his so he’s actually talking about himself instead of her. Those types of errors pull me right out of the story.

Overall I didn’t love it or hate it. It’s an okay start, but certainly has the potential to be a great zombie series. Tristan Vick has been gracious enough to provide Bitten for free until the 27th, so I think everyone should grab a copy and give it a try. Keep in mind that I’ve been reading quite a bit of zombie fiction lately so I’m analyzing things more closely now. I will most likely pick up a copy of the second book in this series.

~About the Author~

tristan vick

In elementary school, Tristan Vick once wrote about an alien which came to earth and ate his all of his classmates. His teacher made him tear it up and write a *different more egalitarian story. Apparently, being the sole survivor of the alien attack wasn’t egalitarian enough. Now he writes horror, post-apocalytpic, survival, sci-fi, western, erotica, thriller, romance novels and he’s not afraid of mixing his genres either.

Tristan Vick is the Author of the zombie/survival/horror series BITTEN which includes the full length novel BITTEN: A Resurrection Thriller, its spin-off short story BITTEN: After Dark, and the full length sequel, BITTEN 2: Land of the Rising Dead (available now). Tristan Vick is currently busy plotting the third novel of the series, BITTEN: Kingdom of the Living Dead.

Tristan Vick graduated from Montana State University with degrees in English Literature and Asian Cultural Studies. He speaks fluent Japanese and lives in Japan with his wife and daughter. When he’s not commuting on the train or teaching English, he spends his time reading, writing, blogging, and eating sara udon.

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