Are all missing girls told backwards?

This book’s plot sounds intriguing enough, but what really drove me to read it was its main hook: the story is told backward. I had never read a mystery told backward before, and I was totally excited to experience this unique plot structure.

What is the theme in ALL THE MISSING GIRLS?

There are some interesting themes in All The Missing Girls from dementia to family to truth and love.

Is lock every door a true story?

“Lock Every Door’ was inspired by “Rosemary’s Baby,” he said, “and these other strange real estate tales that came out of the ’60s and ’70s. And so this was sort of my attempt to update that idea and bring it into current times and address some current issues.”

Do you have to read Megan Miranda books in order?

A: All of the books are stand-alone and can be read in any order, except for Vengeance, which is a companion to Fracture (taking place months after the events in Fracture, and told from a different character’s point of view).

Where is the book Girl Missing set?

Lauren’s adoptive parents who illegally adopted her. They are from London, England.

What happened to Ingrid in Lock Every Door?

Ingrid is a no-show at Central Park for lunch. Jules runs into Leslie who says Ingrid left suddenly and no longer lives at the Bartholomew. Her sudden departure reminds Jules of when she found out her sister was missing.

Is the Bartholomew a real building in NYC?

The Bartholomew is a fictional building in the Upper West Side.

How did Lock Every Door end?

Jules manages to escape from the clinic, which is located in The Bartholomew, and the building as a whole. In the process she stabs Nick and sets fire to his apartment, as he had tried to stop her from leaving.

What was Megan Miranda’s first book?

Megan has a BS in biology from MIT and spent her post-college years either rocking a lab coat or reading books. She lives near Charlotte, North Carolina, where she volunteers as an MIT Educational Counselor. Fracture is her first novel.

What has Lucy Foley written?


  • The Paris Apartment (2022)
  • The Guest List (2020)
  • The Hunting Party (2019)
  • Last Letter from Istanbul (2018)
  • The Invitation (2016)
  • The Book of Lost and Found (2015)

What should I read if I like Megan Miranda?

5 Riveting Summer Thrillers for Fans of Megan Miranda

  • The Passenger. by Lisa Lutz.
  • Final Girls. by Riley Sager.
  • The Woman in Cabin 10. by Ruth Ware.
  • I Found You. by Lisa Jewell.

How Old Is Madison in missing me?

This is the third book in the series and is set six years after the events of ‘Girl Missing’ and ‘Sister Missing’. As such it was nice to revisit some familiar faces and see what their lives are like now. The story focuses on Madison who is now fourteen and attempting to track down her biological father.

What is the next book after girl missing?

Sister Missing

The gripping sequel to the bestselling, award-winning Girl, Missing. It’s two years after the events of Girl, Missing and life is not getting any easier for sixteen-year-old Lauren, as exam pressure and a recent family heartbreak take their toll.

What is the plot of girl missing?

This book is about a teenager, Lauren, who knew she was adopted but never knew her real family. No-one had kept any secrets from her, but one day, she decided to look for her true family. This decision sends her on journey into chaos, puzzles, and real danger with her best friend, Jam (James).