Does The Kissing Booth have books?

The Kissing Booth Series Collection 3 Books Set By Beth Reekles – Going the Distance, The Kissing Booth, Road Trip WBD 2020 Paperback – January 1, 2020.

Is the kissing booth 3 based on a book?

—The Kissing Booth 3: One Last Time is out now on Netflix, and you can find the book (published by Penguin Books Australia) here.

Is there a 4th kissing booth book?

Unfortunately, you will not get any updates on The Kissing Booth 4 because the franchise declared earlier that the third installment will be the final part of the series for Netflix. The teen romantic comedy film is penned by Marcello &amp
Jay Arnold and is based on the final book in Beth Reekles’ trilogy.

What book is The Kissing Booth based off of?

The Kissing Booth is based on Beth Reekles’ books series, which has served as a helpful guideline as to where Elle Evans’ journey will wind up at the end of all this. However, like so many other adaptations that have come before it, The Kissing Booth movies have strayed from their book counterparts in significant ways.

What happens in kissing booth books?

At the end of the book, it’s revealed that Elle and Noah stayed friendly over the years. Elle had returned home a couple of times to attend Brad’s parent-teacher conferences, and Noah came back for Christmas one year with Chloe (Amanda in the books) while she dealt with her parents divorce.

How many kissing books are there?

There are two full-length Kissing Booth novels: The Kissing Booth, published in 2012
and Going The Distance, published in 2020.

Do Noah and Elle end up together kissing booth 3?

Ultimately she chooses to attend Harvard with Noah. Breaking the news to Lee was hard, but the two come up with a summer beach bucket list to make the most of the time they still have together. Throughout the movie, Evans and Flynn suffer relationship hardship. Ultimately, the couple breaks up.

Does Noah and Elle break up in kissing booth 3?

Elle then decides to apply for college in USC to major in game design. She nails the interview and gets into the Los Angeles college for the spring semester. Elle and Noah break up, Lee goes off to Berkeley and Elle carves her own path at USC. Then, The Kissing Booth 3 fast forwards six years.

Does Elle end up with Marco or Noah?

Elle ends up with neither Noah or Marco, or Lee for that matter, and by the end of the film she’s riding solo, making decisions for herself. It might not be the romcom ending we wanted, but it’s what the world needed tbh.

Is there going to be a after 4?

After 4 release date: When will After Ever Happy be released? After Ever Happy will be released in the US on September 7, 2022, with earlier releases across Europe on August 24 and August 25, exclusively in cinemas.

Will there be a 4th after movie?

The fourth and final movie in the After series is coming. Here’s everything to know about After Ever Happy, including release date, cast, &amp

How many kissing booths will there be?


Title U.S. release date Directed by
The Kissing Booth May 11, 2018 Vince Marcello
The Kissing Booth 2 July 24, 2020 Vince Marcello
The Kissing Booth 3 August 11, 2021

Is kissing booth based on a real story?

‘The Kissing Booth’ was a written story on Wattpad

Sadly, the storyline and events in The Kissing Booth are not based on a true story. While many fans only dreamed of a handsome and chiseled bad boy like Noah Flynn, he only existed in writing. The same goes for the thrilling and fun romance.

Is Elle pregnant kissing booth?

No, Elle does not get pregnant in The Kissing Booth 3.

Is Lee in love with Elle?

She exists only to show the audience that Lee isn’t secretly in love with Elle like you may have thought — he actually just wants to control her. In fact, after the OMG Girls’ scheme goes awry, Elle and Noah wind up making out in the booth in front of everyone.

Does Noah break up with Elle?

In the threequel, the young couple ends their relationship on a mature note, showing they genuinely care for one another. Noah breaks up with Elle to ensure that she doesn’t attend Harvard simply for the sake of following him.

Who does Elle Woods end up with?

At the end of the movie, she marries Emmett in Washington, D.C., and is seen looking at the White House when Emmett asks her where she wants to live.

Do Noah and Elle get back together?

‘Kissing Booth 3’: Elle &amp
Noah Get Back Together
— Director Confirms – Hollywood Life.

Was The Kissing Booth a Wattpad book?

“The Kissing Booth” was one of its successes. The original story was started on Wattpad back in 2011, and won one of the site’s “Watty Awards” that same year for “Most Popular Teen Fiction.”

When did The Kissing Booth book come out?

About the Author

Beth Reekles is the author of The Kissing Booth and the sequel, Going the Distance, now both Netflix films. She first published The Kissing Booth on Wattpad in 2010, at age fifteen, and it accumulated almost 20 million reads before it was published by in 2012 by Random House Children’s Books.

Does Elle go to Harvard in kissing booth 3?

The fact that Elle ended up at USC instead of Harvard or Berkeley in The Kissing Booth 3 was the right choice because it was her own choice. Throughout the franchise, Elle tries very hard to maintain her friendship with Lee as well as her relationship with Noah, and this leads to a lot of people-pleasing.

Will Elle and Marco get together?

Although Noah is right in saying Marco wants to get together with Elle, fortunately they do not kiss in this movie. It seems as though Elle is tempted when Marco comforts her, but ultimately she is not involved with him romantically at all in this movie. She doesn’t kiss him and they do not get together.

Does Elle marry Noah?

While the writers do hint at a possible reconciliation between Noah and Elle, the pair do not end up together at the end of the movie
however, there was at least one couple who got their happy ending.

Who does Elle end up with in kissing booth?

So who does Elle end up with in The Kissing Booth 3? While the movie hints that Elle and Noah get back together with its open-ended finale, the real answer is that Elle ends up with herself. The Kissing Booth 3 ends with Elle choosing herself.

Do Lee and Elle stay friends?

The end of the film fast forwards six years and follows Elle and she meets up with Lee and Rachel at a carnival hosted at their former high school. Elle reveals that she and Lee worked through their drama and remained close friends throughout college.

Who does Elle end up with kissing booth 3?

In the end, Elle ultimately decided to go to USC, separate from the Flynn boys. The threequel wrapped up with a six-year-time-jump in which everyone is back in Los Angeles, while Elle and Noah rekindle their romance. Despite a mostly happy ending, there are several issues with how The Kissing Booth franchise finished.

Why does Elle cut her hair in kissing booth 3?

One of the reasons why Elle can’t seem to fully let her hair down in The Kissing Booth 3 is because it’s not the actress’ real hair. As it turns out, King previously shaved her head in 2017 to star as Gypsy Blanchard in Hulu’s true crime series The Act.

Does Elle go to Harvard or Berkeley?

Toward the beginning of the movie, Elle chose Harvard. She chose to be with Noah, and at first, things looked great. However, it all went south from there.

Does Elle end up pregnant in kissing booth 3?

THE KISSING BOOTH 3: Pregnant Elle Evans is About to Change …