Frequent Question What happens in The Woman in Cabin 10?

When the girl accidentally wipes off her penciled eyebrows, Lo suddenly recognizes her—she appears to be Anne Bullmer. Later, she pieces together the clues that, in fact, Anne is dead—killed the night the ship left England—and the girl has been impersonating her ever since.

What does the ending of The Woman in Cabin 10 mean?

Later you find out that Richard is shot, and after investigation they determine that what was originally considered a suicide ended up being a homicide. This tells the reader that Carrie got away, shot Richard, and then later wired Lo money to thank her.

Is The Woman in Cabin 10 a locked room mystery?

Ruth Ware. While every month there seems to be a new “girl on the [insert mode of transportation here],” Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10 is a chilling, locked room mystery set on the high seas that I highly recommend.

Where does The Woman in Cabin 10 take place?

THE WOMAN IN CABIN 10 follows travel journalist Lo, who accepts an assignment to cover the maiden voyage of a luxury cruise liner through the fjords of Norway.

Who is the killer in The Woman in the Window?

The killer of Lisa Maines was Emma, the 9-year-old daughter of Neil, played by Samsara Yett. Both a horrifying plot twist and a comic riff on the psychological thriller genre, The Woman in the Window etc. spoofs the convoluted reveals that take place in contemporary murder mysteries.

Who is the killer in the woman in the house across the street?

Emma is the killer. She began her killing spree with her mother (Janina Gavankar) because she didn’t want a sibling. She also killed her teacher, Lisa (Shelley Hennig), and her father Neil. Emma must now kill Anna to frame her for all the murders.

Who are the characters in The Woman in Cabin 10?

The Woman in Cabin 10 Characters

  • Laura “Lo” Blacklock. Lo is a 32-year-old journalist living in the Harringay district of London.
  • The Woman in Cabin 10/Carrie.
  • Lord Richard Bullmer.
  • Anne Bullmer.
  • Judah Lewis.
  • Ben Howard.
  • Tina West.
  • Johann Nilsson.

What genre is The Woman in Cabin 10?

The Woman in Cabin 10

Are Ed and Olivia dead in The Woman in the Window?

There is tension because Anna had an affair, and Ed wants to stop pretending like they are okay for Olivia’s sake. The phone rings, and the couple fights for it. Anna reaches to pick it up and takes her eyes off the road, leading her to veer over a hill and crash to the bottom, killing Ed and Olivia.

What did the ending of The Woman in the House across the street from the?

The Woman in the House ends in a bloody brawl between Anna and Emma in Neil and Emma’s house. Just minutes prior to the encounter, Anna had chased Buell to Neil and Emma’s house, believing him to be the killer. To her surprise, she walks in to find Buell dying on the floor, and Neil having been fatally shot.

What did Emma do with Lisa’s body?

Emma cleans up the scene before she disposes of Lisa’s body by cutting her up and stashing her under a tarp in her little red wagon — which, ironically, she has been using to tote around her boxes of chocolate bars. Emma later uses the wagon to dump Lisa’s body in the woods, where it is later discovered by the police.

Did Neil know Emma was a killer?

Not only does he appear to be completely unaware that Emma is a serial killer, but he falls victim to Lisa and her attempts to con him out of money.

Is Buell the killer?

Buell is his family killer who was the first patient Douglas worked it. Douglas hired him to build a mailbox when Anna was pregnant with Elizabeth and now, Elizabeth has been gone for three years, and still, he’s not done with the mailbox.

Does Anna go to jail in The Woman in the House?

After Anna’s fingerprints are proven to be a match, she gets arrested for Lisa’s murder. In her cell, Anna continues to have further flashbacks that suggest she did, in fact, kill Lisa. Not only that, but she envisions killing Douglas’s bride to be at their wedding.

Who is the main character in The Woman in Cabin 10?


Velocity: Travel magazine Lo works at.
Jennifer Assistant Features Editor at Velocity.
Laura Protagonist. aka: Lo.
Aurora Borealis: A luxury cruise liner in Norway.

Is there a book called the girl on the cruise?

The Girl On The Cruise

The Woman in the House uses the final moments of Season 1 to set up a potential Season 2 with a new fictional book to inspire the plot. That book is The Girl on the Cruise, which can only mean one thing: Bell is coming for you next, Ruth Ware.

How many pages are in The Woman in Cabin 10?


ISBN-13: 9781501132957
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 9,755
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.20(d)