Ghosted Book Spoilers & Ending Synopsis (Rosie Walsh)

Ghosted, by Rosie Walsh, is both a romance and a puzzle. It tells the story of a woman named Sarah assembly Eddie, who seems to be the perfect man for her.

After spending one week together, Eddie dismisses all communication. Sarah becomes obsessed with finding what happened.

Throughout the telling of their story, Walsh assesses how a tragedy in their past has influenced their current relationship.

The story begins on the last day Sarah and Eddie spend together. Sarah and Eddie put in a field where Sarah used to camp along with her sister Hannah.

Sarah does not need to think about Hannah since it makes her depressed. Eddie would like to understand everything about Sarah, but she avoids the subject.

ghosted book spoilers

Fourteen days later, Sarah is driving her friends Jo and Tommy into a demonstration at a school where Tommy is introducing a sports plan. Eddie has vanished and is not reacting to Sarah’s messages. She’s sure something has occurred to her.

Jo and Tommy think Eddie just is not interested in a relationship. Tommy asks if Eddie knows Sarah is wed. Sarah and her husband are separated, but Sarah comprehends their charity site still identifies them as married. She believes this is why Eddie stopped speaking.

Sarah and Eddie had fulfilled while Sarah was in England visiting her parents on the anniversary of the collision. They’d enjoyed each other instantly and spent the next week together before Eddie was scheduled to go on vacation.

The car arrives in the college, which was where Tommy and Sarah had attended. Tommy is anxious because the sports director there was his high school bully. He advises Sarah that Mandy and Claire will also be there, which upsets Sarah.

Before Eddie had left on vacation, he had volunteered to cancel his trip to be with Sarah. He’d asked for all her contact information along with friended her on Facebook.

Sarah uses every bit of technology available for her to try to get Eddie. She keeps an eye on his Facebook account and assesses the site for his enterprise. She calls his workshop but does not leave a message. She also leaves a message on his Facebook page asking for information about where he is. She receives two responses saying he canceled his trip and disappeared and that he’s not been football for weeks. Sarah starts receiving calls where the caller hangs up without speaking.

Sarah is not able to sleep and starts running. She jumps each time her phone buzzes. She can’t quit thinking about Eddie and it makes her not able to focus on conversations with others.

She makes bad decisions on the job. If she sees Eddie is on the internet, she tries to message him, but he quickly goes offline.

After calling her friend Jenni for advice, Sarah begins writing messages into Eddie telling him about her lifestyle. She starts by telling him that she and Tommy grew up together. She had a little sister named Hannah who had a best friend named Alex. Tommy transferred into the United States when Sarah was 15. Sarah became friends with Mandy and Claire. In age 17, she moved to the U.S. to stay with Tommy.

Sarah matches her ex-husband Reuben and his new girlfriend, Kaia, at a restaurant in England.

Sarah can’t concentrate on the dialogue when she sees her telephone that Eddie is on the internet and typing a message. However, when he goes offline, there is absolutely no message .

Sarah again writes to Eddie and tells him that she had an automobile crash when she was 17 and dropped her sister Hannah.

She went to live with Tommy since she couldn’t stand being in England anymore. Tommy and Sarah met Jo in Los Angeles and became friends with her. Sarah afterwards met Reuben and married him.

Sarah’s parents return to their home after spending weeks along with her mum, who was sick. They have brought her grandfather together. Sarah remains running when she cannot sleep. Following a run, her grandfather notices she’s upset. Sarah tells him about Eddie.

He informs her he too lost a woman he loved when he was young. Although he loved his wife, if he would return, he wouldn’t have given up on that connection.

Sarah again writes to Eddie and informs him about living with Tommy at the United States. She’d worked as a house cleaner.

One day the young daughter of one of her customers struck her arm and Sarah had to take her to the physician. While the woman has been treated, she left the hospital to get her a present and met Reuben taking a break from being a clown in a party.

Reuben had come back to the hospital with her to cheer up the girl. That was how their Clowndoctors charity began.

Sarah goes to London to get a work meeting and sees a man on the train wearing a soccer jersey with Eddie’s group name on it. She looks up the soccer schedule and goes to a match on her last night in England. The game has been rescheduled, so she’s too late.

A football player plays a joke on her winds up with her in the locker room where the group is shifting. When she stands outside, a player follows her figures out that she is. He tells her she does not want to find Eddie.

Sarah stays at Tommy’s home and goes downstairs to go to get a run at 3:00 a.m.. She finds Jo nude in the kitchen and learns that Tommy and Jo are in a romantic relationship.

Sarah writes Eddie a last letter to inform him good-bye. Then she returns to the U.S.

Sarah belongs to Jenni’s house and they discuss Eddie. Jenni’s husband comes home and asks Sarah if she has been taking care of Jenni. He informs her that Jenni had her pregnancy test following her final round of IVF that day and it was negative. They will not have the ability to have children.

Sarah goes for a run the next morning and heads to work. She believes she sees Eddie in a taxi.

Reuben and Sarah go to Fresno to pitch Clowndoctors to a hospice business. Sarah gets angry at the hospice representative throughout the meeting. Reuben admonishes her for possibly dropping the contract. While they are at the airport to return home, Jenni requires Sarah to tell her that Eddie had been in their office searching for her.

Sarah starts to wonder about Eddie’s individuality. Tommy has indicated their meeting couldn’t have been a coincidence. Sarah is concerned that Eddie might be joined to the accident.

Sarah gets angry at work after viewing Reuben and Kaia cuddling. After a confrontation involving Jenni and Reuben and Kaia, Sarah abruptly decides to go to the clinic.

Later, she sits on a bench and believes about her last day with Eddie. She realizes he saw her maiden name on Sarah’s Facebook page. She writes him a message saying she understands who he is and that they must talk.

Eddie and Sarah meet. Eddie is Alex’s older brother. It was not Hannah that died in the accident, but Alex. Hannah stopped speaking to Sarah after the accident because she thought it was Sarah’s fault. Eddie’s mum also blames Sarah. Eddie had ceased communicating her since he considered a relationship with her would be bad for his mother’s mental health. After Sarah informs Eddie about Alex’s last day alive, he leaves. Afterward, Sarah says out loud that she’s pregnant.

Sarah goes out for dinner together with Jenni and Javier. Jenni figures out that Sarah is pregnant and can be angry. Sarah’s mobile rings. It is Hannah. She attempts to cross the road to listen to the telephone better and steps outside in front of a truck.

Eddie returns to England and begins to distinguish himself from his mum’s lifestyle. He cannot quit thinking about Sarah, however.

Eddie starts seeing a grief counselor. She tries to speak to him about obtaining outside assistance for his mother. He reacts with anger. Afterwards, when he finds his mom reading the letters he has written to Alex for years, both argue. Then he predicts his mum nurse to get help.

On his mother’s birthday, he and his mother see Sarah’s parents in a restaurant. The couple gets up and leaves abruptly. Carole insists on moving home. There she shows to Eddie who Hannah told her Sarah is pregnant. She knows the baby is Eddie’s and that she worries that something awful has happened.

Eddie monitors down the hospital where Sarah is getting the baby. He goes there and waits in the waiting area. While waiting, he reads Sarah’s old messages and starts responding to a few of these. He tells her he loves her.

Sarah finds out that Eddie is in the waiting room as she is taken away for a caesarean section. She’s a baby boy and asks Eddie to return another day to satisfy their son. She tells him she loves him, too.

The story finishes with Eddie and Sarah living together at Eddie’s. They throw a welcome home celebration for the infant, whom they have called Alex. At the party, they are surrounded by loved ones members and friends. Carole arrives. Eddie introduces her to Sarah and she thanks Sarah for giving her a grandson.