How many books will be in the bromance Book Club series?

There are 5 books in this series. Select the number of items you want to purchase.

Is the bromance book club steamy?

The Bromance Book Club is a truly great contemporary romance novel because it does some classic elements well: supportive, uplifting friendships
fun, drama filled scenes
and steamy sex scenes.

What is the bromance book club about?

(Bromance Book Club #1)

Nashville Legends second baseman Gavin Scott’s marriage is in major league trouble. He’s recently discovered a humiliating secret: his wife Thea has always faked the Big O. When he loses his cool at the revelation, it’s the final straw on their already strained relationship.

Will there be a bromance Book Club Book 5?

Find all the books, read about the author, and more. ‘Tis the season for a Bromance Book Club matchmaking mission! This time, they’re pulling out the mistletoe for everyone’s favorite country music star, Colton, and his second chance at love.

Where is get a life Chloe Brown set?

Chloe comes from a moneyed family in England with Jamaican roots, and though her family is a joy, it’s time to go. She settles into her own flat where she quickly crosses off “Do something bad.” It just so happens that the super in her building, Redford “Red” Morgan, is good-looking.

What genre is bromance book club?

The Bromance Book Club

How do you review a book at Book Club?

How to Discuss a Book

  1. Toss one question at a time out to the group.
  2. Select a number of questions, write each on an index card, and pass them out.
  3. Use a prompt (prop) related to the story.
  4. Pick out a specific passage from the book—a description, an idea, a line of dialogue—and ask members to comment on it.

Is Chloe Brown black?

The main character, Chloe Brown, is a Black woman with fibromyalgia. And while fibromyalgia may have stopped Chloe from living her life at one point, after seeing her life flash before her eyes in a near-miss car accident, she decides to take her life into her own hands.

What condition does Chloe Brown have?

Invisible Affliction. Chloe has fibromyalgia and experiences chronic pain and insomnia. She developed symptoms of fibromyalgia in her 20s and Chloe now spends a large amount of her time managing the pain.

How old is Chloe Brown book?

Chloe Brown is 31, and she’s just had a close encounter with a speeding Range Rover, which missed her by a mere 3 feet before crashing into a coffee shop.

How do book clubs sound smart?

9 Tricks to Look Smart in a Book Club

  1. Wear a scarf.
  2. Make an excuse for why you couldn’t get through the book.
  3. Have a quote handy.
  4. Make your book look worn.
  5. Pick an opinion.
  6. Nail your literary buzzwords.
  7. Sip tea and say “Hm” a lot.
  8. Always vote for books that are also movies.

How does a virtual book club work?

Select a book and discussion date

Have them announce it on your discussion forum. If you vote as a group, ask for a few recommendations, and then set up the digital vote. Once you’ve decided on a book to read, pick the discussion date and time that you will all meet on your designated video chat platform.

How do I prepare for a book club meeting?

What to Do Before the Meeting

  1. Read the book.
  2. Write down important page numbers (or bookmark in your e-reader).
  3. Come up with eight to ten questions about the book.
  4. Let others answer first.
  5. Make connections between comments.
  6. Occasionally direct questions toward quiet people.
  7. Rein in tangents.