How many Fairy Tail books are there?

The series spans over 545 chapters and 63 volumes. Hiro Mashima has announced in his notes in the release of volume 61 that the Fairy Tail manga series is set to end with volume 63 being the final release for the main series.

Does Fairy Tail have a novel?

Below is a list of light novels that are based on or include characters from the popular manga and anime series Fairy Tail, by Hiro Mashima.

What is the first book of Fairy Tail?

Fairy Tail volume 1 contains the first four chapters: The Fairy Tail, The Master Appears, Fire Dragons and Monkeys and Cows, The Celestial Spirit of Canis Minor. Story Intro: Lucy is a 17 year old girl who wants nothing more than to join Fairy Tail a magical guild full of powerful wizards.

Is Fairy Tail still finished?

Fairy Tail ended back in 2019, with over 300 episodes to its name. However, in 2018 creator Mashima and artist Atsuo Ueda continued the story in the form of a sequel called Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest.

Do Natsu and Lucy get together?

Natsu and Lucy forming a team Natsu and Lucy share one of the closest relationships among the members of Fairy Tail, their deep bond stemming from the fact that Natsu was the one responsible for Lucy joining the guild. The two ended up forming a team and have become partners, alongside Happy, that go on jobs together.

What chapter of Fairy Tail does the anime end?

Friends You Can’t Do Without is the 545th and final chapter of Hiro Mashima’s Fairy Tail. In the year X793, Lucy wins an award for her new book while all the guilds in the country of Fiore move on with their lives.

Is Hiro Mashima still alive?

Mashima began the currently ongoing Edens Zero in 2018.

Hiro Mashima
Born May 3, 1977 Nagano, Japan
Occupation Manga artist
Years active 1998–present
Employer Kodansha

How old is Natsu?


Character Name Age Height
Natsu Dragneel 17 5′ 7″
Lucy Heartfilia 17 5′ 5″
Happy 6 1′ 8″
Gray Fullbuster 18 5′ 10″

How did Lucy meet Natsu?

Ending Song

Fairy Tail is the 1st episode of the Fairy Tail anime. Lucy Heartfilia meets a young Mage named Natsu Dragneel and his talking cat Happy. The three encounter a criminal named Bora and after defeating him, Natsu takes Lucy to Fairy Tail.

Is Fairy Tail and Edens Zero connected?

No, the two aren’t necessarily connected. The fact that they were created by the same person, Hiro Mashima, can explain the similarities. It is easy to get confused as many of the characters in Fairy Tail and Eden’s Zero look similar to one another.

Why is Fairy Tail called Fairy Tail?

The guild Fairy Tail is named Fairy Tail because of the mystery of whether or not fairies have tails. From episode 1.27 The Two Dragon Slayers: “No one knows if fairies have tails or not, or even if fairies exist at all.

What is Hiro Mashima new anime?

New Netflix anime series Edens Zero adapts Hiro Mashima’s popular manga about a boy who was raised by robots and subsequently jets into outer space for adventures with an influencer girl and her talking cat.

Who is Natsu’s girlfriend?

What episode does Natsu confess to Lucy?

Episode 219 | Fairy Tail Wiki | Fandom.

Does Natsu find Igneel?

After the events that transpired at the Tower of Heaven in which Natsu had defeated the wizard Jellal Fernandez, Igneel is seen residing in a volcanic region (in reality a hidden realm inside Natsu’s soul), talking to the Dragon who raised Wendy Marvell, Grandeeney, about Natsu.

Who does Gray marry in Fairy Tail?

Gray gets transported with his team to Edolas, and meets his and Juvia’s edolas counterparts, who have a son together named Greige. Not long after, during his fight with Hakune, Gray is presented with his own ideal world, in which he’s married to Juvia, and that same son with her.

Does Lisanna still love Natsu?

Natsu was very close to Lisanna, and, because of this, after her supposed death, no one in Fairy Tail mentioned her out of respect for his feelings. However, after Lisanna’s return to Earth Land from Edolas, this is no longer the case.

Does Lucy kiss Natsu?

Natsu is holding Lucy close to his chest with an arm around her upper back. As for the heroine, she is leaning into her long time friend for a kiss with her eyes closed, and Natsu is ready to oblige her. Just before the two can finally kiss, Mashima made sure to tease fans before stopping the couple.

Where does Fairy Tail leave off?

The official Twitter account for the Fairy Tail anime has confirmed that the anime will be coming to an end with Episode 328 of the series. With Episode 319 coming soon, that means the end of the anime is only a mere ten episodes or so away.

How does Fairy Tail end anime?

The finale followed the show’s leads as they experienced some well-deserved peace, and Lucy was even being honored for her writing. However, things came to a head when Natsu asked Lucy to go on a 100 Years Quest with him which is one of the guild’s most difficult trials.

How many volumes does Fairy Tail 100 year quest have?

How many volumes does Fairy Tail 100 year quest have?

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
Cover of the first tankōbon volume of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
Demographic Shōnen
Original run July 25, 2018 – present
Volumes 11

Who created anime?

The earliest examples of Japanese animation can be traced back to 1917. The defining characteristics of the anime art style we know today first emerged in the 1960s through the works of Osamu Tezuka. If you watch modern anime, you’ll quickly pick up on the unique look and feel of the anime art style.

Who is the main MC in Fairy Tail?

Natsu Dragneel (ナツ・ドラグニル, Natsu Doraguniru) is the main protagonist of the series.

Does Hiro Mashima ship NaLu?

Mashima has never made it a secret that he supports the NaLu ship, and this goes to show why. As Lucy has yet to share her true feelings for Natsu in the series, Fairy Tail fans have to enjoy the would-be romance through sketches like this.

What Zodiac is Natsu?

Natsu is a typical Aries and a typical anime protagonist. He’s brash and confident. He rarely thinks about the consequences of his actions before he does things. He’s got a carefree spirit and tends to rush into things, just like any Aries would.

Does Natsu have a kid?

Nashi is the first daughter of Natsu and Lucy Dragneel. Her mother suffered from many complications, going into labor early and having many complications.

What are Natsu powers?

Natsu’s ability to eat flames gives him immunity to most types of flames, including explosions, and allows him to spew fire from his lungs. This fire is exceptionally strong – equivalent to a Dragon’s fire – being able to burn even through metal. He can even use his flames to create a propulsive effect.

Why is Natsu so protective of Lucy?

Natsu has taken it upon himself to protect Lucy, even if she’s capable of expelling enemies with her own Celestial magic. When Natsu believed Lucy was dead, he lost all reason and gave in to the demon within that thirst for Zeref’s blood. Good thing Gray was there to cool him down.

When did Natsu start liking Lucy?

Episode 122:

The Tenrou Island arc in general was a huge step for NaLu’s relationship, especially on Natsu’s part as that was when (as many of us have speculated) he first realised he was in love with Lucy.

Who is Lucy’s love interest in Fairy Tail?

Lucy likes Natsu but she herself isn’t sure about her feelings. But we all saw that coming. It’s natural for her to fall for him because he’s the one who saved her from Bora and invited her to Fairy Tail (making her dream come true). He is always there for her when she needs help/support.