How many pages is a shipped book?

What is Shipped by angie hockman about?

Summary. Between taking night classes for her MBA and her demanding day job at a cruise line, marketing manager Henley Evans barely has time for herself, let alone family, friends, or dating. But when she’s shortlisted for the promotion of her dreams, all her sacrifices finally seem worth it.

What genre is shipped by Angie Hockman?


Whats shipped mean?

When a package is designated as “shipped” the package has been loaded on a truck and departed for the final distribution center. That means the package could be anywhere between the origin location and the destination terminal.

What does it mean to be shipped out?

1. To leave or depart to some distant location, especially by air or sea. We’re shipping out in the morning for a two-year tour of Afghanistan. The package shipped out on an express carrier last week, so it should have reached you by now.

How many pages is beach read?


ISBN-13: 9781984806734
Pages: 384
Sales rank: 157
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.30(d)

Is shipped steamy?

It’s very PG. Jay There’s some kissing/petting but sex is off screen.

Why is it called shipping?

Sometimes old-school fans will write “ship” with an apostrophe, ‘ship/’shipping, to acknowledge that the terms are derived from “relationship.” Shipping comes from The X-Files’ fandom, which coined the concept in the ’90s to describe fan reaction to the interminable UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) between Mulder and

How long does delivery take after shipping?

USPS Domestic Delivery Times

Mail Class Delivery Speed Tracking
USPS Retail Ground 2–8 business days Yes
Media Mail 2–8 business days Yes
First Class Mail (letters) 1–3 business days No
First Class Mail (large envelopes) 1–3 business days No

How long does it take to ship something?

Domestic Mail & Shipping Services

Service Shipping Time Mail or Package
USPS Retail Ground® 2–8 Days Packages
Media Mail® 2–8 Days Packages
First-Class Mail® 1–5 Days Mail
First-Class Package Service® 1–3 Days Small Packages (up to 13 oz)

What is a ship out date?

The shipping date marks when the order will be shipped out to the customer. The delivery date is when the shipped order will be delivered to the customer.

Will be ship or will be shipped?

There is an intransitive form for the verb “ship,” but it refers directly to going on board a ship. I’d go with “will be shipped,” myself.

How do I ship with Shopee?


  1. Step 1: Tap on To Ship in My Sales, then tap on Arrange Shipment.
  2. Step 2: You can proceed to select the Pickup Date by tapping Change, then choose the available pickup date, then tap Confirm.
  3. Step 3: Check the details (Pickup Address and Pickup Date), then tap Confirm.

Is Beach Read a slow burn?

Beach Read: an enjoyable, slow-burn romance between two writers who had been rivals.

How old is January Beach Read?

January Andrews

January is the narrative’s protagonist, a 29-year-old romance writer. She is also the narrative’s first person narrator. Her best friend is Shadi . She makes a bet with Gus, a literary writer, about writing a book in each other’s genre.

How old should you be to read Beach Read?

Probably best for 17 years and older. Jenny Preston It’s pretty spicy, and the plot is pretty heavy on disappointments in the main characters’ 20s. I wouldn’t give it to a teen myself.