I Know Who You Are Spoilers & Book Ending Synopsis (Alice Feeney)

Aimee Sinclair is actually a lady by the name of Kira. She was after that abducted by a lady grieving the loss of her very own youngster and also was for life Aimee Sinclair after that. Also weirder is that “Ben” was truly Aimee’s bro.

As visitors endeavor right into the heart of Aimee’s marital relationship, they are additionally gradually however undoubtedly given peeks of Aimee’s childhood years … as well as what they find there will certainly disrupt as well as stun.

In the existing, visitors comply with Aimee as she has a hard time to maintain a grasp on her occupation – and also on her peace of mind – while all at once browsing for her partner as well as looking for to show her virtue to the authorities. Both the visitor as well as Aimee herself will certainly discover themselves examining whatever they assumed they understood.

I Know Who You Are Spoilers & Book Ending Synopsis

In the “previous” timeline, viewers fulfill Aimee in her childhood years, as well as start to discover some of the speeding up variables that describe why Aimee is the method she is in her the adult years. When Aimee was an extremely young lady, she ran away from house– as well as the occasions that befell her as an outcome have an extensive influence on her psychology for the remainder of her life. Feeney does an excellent work composing from a young Aimee’s viewpoint; it’s downright interesting to be put inside the mind of a kid in this means, and also to witness her perceptions of points that could appear extremely average to us as grownups.

Currently, we all recognize I can not state as well much regarding this tale’s finishing– yet I will certainly claim that if you’re a viewers that values a stunning story spin, you will certainly locate an entire great deal to like in I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Feeney has a flair for creating the kind of story spin that is so really difficult to come by: something jaw-dropping yet very closely connected to ideas left for the viewers throughout the tale. It’s one of the most twisted, troubling, stomach-turning last exposes I’ve reviewed in fairly a while.