Is come as you are a good book?

Review. “This is the best book I have ever read about sexual desire and why some couples just stop having sex, and what they can do about it. Come As You Are is an absolutely necessary guide for all couples who want to understand the ups and downs in their own sex life. It is a must read!”

What type of book is come as you are?

What is come as you are by Emily nagoski about?

1-Sentence-Summary: Come As You Are is sex educator Dr. Emily Nagoski’s explanation of the truth about female sexuality, including the hidden science of what turns women on, why it works, how to utilize this knowledge to improve your sex life, and why sexual myths make you feel inadequate in bed.

When was Come As You Are book written?

October 1993

First edition cover
Author Michael Azerrad
Publication date October 1993
Media type Print (paperback)
Pages 344

How many chapters in Come as you are?

The book is divided into four parts: (1) The (Not-So-Basic) Basics
(2) Sex in Context
(3) Sex in Action
and (4) Ecstasy for Everybody. The three chapters in the first part describe the basic hardware you were born with—a body, a brain, and a world.

Who wrote Come as you are?

Come as You Are

What is the best Kurt Cobain book?

Kurt Cobain

Has Dave Grohl written a book?

Dave Grohl

Did Nirvana write a book?

As one of the greatest music biographies of all time, Come As You Are is the up-close, intimate story of Nirvana, with exclusive in-depth interviews.

How old would Kurt Cobain be today?

If Kurt Cobain, who died by his own hand over 20 years ago, were alive today, he would be 55 years old.

What guitar did Kurt Cobain play on Come as you are?

It’s unclear, which guitar was used for the recording of “Come as You Are,” but for the recording of the album, Kurt Cobain used Japanese-made Fender Stratocasters and Lake Placid Blue ’69 Fender Competition Mustang fitted with a Gotoh Tune-O-Matic bridge, as Mustangs often had problems with staying in tune.

Why was Nirvana album called Nevermind?

As recording ended, Cobain grew tired of the title and suggested to Novoselic that the album be named Nevermind. Cobain liked the title because it was a metaphor for his attitude on life and because it was grammatically incorrect.

Did Kurt like Come as You Are?

Why was Kurt Cobain reluctant to release Come As You Are? Both Kurt, the band and their management were a little weary of releasing Come as You Are due to its similarity to Eighties. A single from the punk legends Killing Joke.

Did Kurt Cobain wrote Come as You Are?

Come as You Are

What is the best biography of Kurt Cobain?

Heavier Than Heaven by Charles R.

Cross‘ definitive biography of Cobain traces his life story via more than 400 interviews, and intimate access to the Nirvana frontman’s private journals and lyrics.

Does Kurt Cobain have an autobiography?

Heavier Than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Cobain Paperback – 20 Jun. 2002.

Does Dave Grohl talk about Kurt Cobain in book?

“I revealed some things in that story that I’ve never told my closest friends,” admits the musician while talking about the subject of Nirvana in his memoir The Storyteller. Dave Grohl has admitted that he was “scared” to write about the death of his Nirvana bandmate Kurt Cobain in his new book The Storyteller.

What’s Dave Grohl’s book about?

It starts as an account of how the young Grohl goes from grinding his jaws rhythmically, to fashioning a drum kit from pillows, to summoning the spirit of the Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham on a rudimentary altar and petitioning him for musical success.

What is Dave Grohl’s book called?

“Believe me,” he writes in his amiable, conversational new memoir, “The Storyteller,” life as a rock star “is all that it’s cracked up to be and more.”