Is every last word book appropriate?

This book is for mature tweens/teens. Overall, there are some really good messages. This is a must read for anyone who is interested in a story about acceptance with friends.

Is every last word a sad book?

The story is so heartbreaking and I loved every moment of it. This book is worth all the pain, and there isn’t too much of it either. Sam is such a strong character. And I loved reading about her.

How long is the book every last word?

The average reader will spend 6 hours and 40 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute).

What grade level is every last word?

Every Last Word

Interest Level Reading Level Word Count
Grades 9 – 12 Grades 3 – 5 79817

What age is shatter me for?

14 – 17 Years

ISBN-13: 9780062085504
Sales rank: 132
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.00(d)
Lexile: HL650L (what’s this?)
Age Range: 14 – 17 Years

How does it feel to float Helena Fox?

How It Feels to Float is a beautifully crafted story of finding hope and love when both appear to be gone forever. In Australian author Helena Fox’s debut, How It Feels to Float, 17-year-old Elizabeth’s father still appears to her 10 years after his death.

Why did Tamara Ireland Stone write Every Last Word?

She was diagnosed with OCD when she was 12, and I’ve always sympathized and identified with her challenges around friendships, insomnia, the way she simply can’t turn her brain off, and how she often doesn’t feel “normal.” I was honored when she said I could write this book for her.

Who does Sam fall in love with in Every Last Word?

The romance.

AJ, a former stutterer, is shy as a result of his own chronic worry that his stutter will break through when he’s nervous. Is it believable that he’d forgive Sam and fall in love with her, given that she was one of so many tormenters who wounded him and made him introverted?

What is the plot of Every Last Word?

Through Samantha’s struggle to navigate the challenges of high school, Every Last Word intimately explores the effect of severe mental illness in the life of a teenage girl.

How old is Samantha in Every Last Word?

Samantha, also known as “Sam,” is a pretty, brown-haired 16-year-old girl who suffers from OCD. For all intents and purposes, she is regarded as one of the “popular” girls at school. She is part of the clique known as the Crazy Eights, which is a girl group that is considered teenage royalty at Samantha’s high school.

What is the theme of Every Last Word?

Bullying and the Profound Cruelty of Teenagers

The myriad ways in which teenagers can be cruel—and, relatedly, the devastating consequences of bullying—is a theme throughout Every Last Word.

How old should you be to read holding up the universe?

It is populated with great characters and enjoys a slightly more complex story line that is great for teens aged 15+.

What age is Girl in pieces for?

Age Range: Young Adult (upper young adult – 15 years +, please check check for suitability)

Can 13 year olds read Shatter Me?

There’s no putting down this intense, dramatic, and steamy dystopian thriller filled with tortured souls and physical prose. Many teens will be drawn to the unique prose style, while some will just find it jarring.

What age is renegades for?

It’s completely appropriate for ages 12 and up! Even 11 and up if you’re more mature. :D.

Who does Juliette end up with?

Later on in Shatter Me, Adam finally kisses Juliette and Juliette realizes she is in love with Adam. Adam tells her he loves her and they both decide to escape from The Reestablishment and Aaron Warner. They decide to go to Adams house.

How does it feel to float author?

What happened to the dad in How It Feels to Float?

Because her dad died when she was seven. And Biz knows how to float, right there on the surface–normal okay regular fine. But after what happens on the beach–first in the ocean, and then in the sand–the tethers that hold Biz steady come undone. Dad disappears, and with him, all comfort.

How does it feel to float?

This is a frank story of mental illness, loss, and sexual identity, and Fox responsibly concludes her story with information and support services for readers facing similar issues. How It Feels to Float is a beautifully crafted story of finding hope and love when both appear to be gone forever.

Where does the book Every Last Word take place?

Skyler Somewhere in southern California.

What is the main conflict in Every Last Word?

The main conflict in this story is an internal conflict with Sam. Her OCD is consuming her life, yet she won’t tell anyone. She’s always in an internal conflict wiht herself over if she should tell AJ, if she should tell her friends who just happen to be the most popular girls in school.

Why should you read Every Last Word?

Covering tough topics like depression, anxiety, peer pressure, and suicide, this compelling book inspires and captivates. Brimming with poetry and honest emotion and insight into the mind of a teen who suffers from anxiety, Every Last Word proves the hurting and healing power of every last word.”

What type of OCD is in Every Last Word?

Sam is described as having purely obsessional OCD and this point is emphasised many times in the book.

Is Every Last Word about OCD?

In Every Last Word, novelist Tamara Ireland Stone has written a poignant and engaging story of hope and inspiration for any young person suffering with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), a potentially life-altering condition that strikes most people in childhood.

How many pages is Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone?


ISBN-13: 9781484723647
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Publication date: 06/06/2017
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 2,178

What happens in the book in five years?

In Five Years is a striking, moving love story about Dannie Kohan, a high-powered corporate lawyer who has everything planned out. The story opens on the day she interviews for her dream job, nails it, and gets engaged to her longtime boyfriend—all according to her five-year plan.