Is Mexican Gothic a good book?

Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s Mexican Gothic is a thoroughly enjoyable, thought-provoking novel.

Is Mexican Gothic a true story?

The direct inspiration for this novel was a real town in Mexico that is located in kind of the middle part of the country in the mountains. It’s called Real del Monte or Mineral del Monte. It was mined by the Spanish first, and then in the 1800s, the British came and they started mining there.

Is Mexican Gothic scary?

‘Mexican Gothic’ is a creepy, intoxicating mystery that’s almost impossible to put down. Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s “Mexican Gothic” is a feminist horror novel inspired by Gothic classics including “Jane Eyre” and “Wuthering Heights.” It’s also a nod to fairy tales, though not the Disney versions.

What reading level is Mexican Gothic?

Based on analysing the text of Mexican Gothic, we estimate that readers of 9th and 10th grade will be able to read this book.

Is Mexican Gothic like crimson peak?

A similar thing happened with the 2015 Guillermo del Toro movie Crimson Peak (which has quite a lot of similarities with Mexican Gothic) – viewers expected gothic horror but didn’t get it. (Funnily enough, Crimson Peak is one of my favourite movies despite how it crashed and burned for a lot of people).

Is Mexican Gothic Lgbtq?

To answer questions about Mexican Gothic, please sign up. Tiff M There is some vivid description of gore and some not truly consensual kissing and touching, but no sex or LGBT themes or characters.

Is there cannibalism in Mexican Gothic?

In Mexican Gothic, the use of gothic tropes includes the presence of sexual taboo’s, especially incest, as well as the horror of cannibalism, death, and the emergence of undesirable traits, particularly as a result of ‘mixing’ between races.

Was Mexican Gothic written in English or Spanish?


Author Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Audio read by Frankie Corzo
Country United States
Language English
Genre Gothic horror

Why is it called Mexican Gothic?

The title isn’t telling you a lie: This book, with its decaying English manor, its psychosexual secrets, its lavish aesthetic, and its sense of deep emotional constraint, is a gothic novel. And it is specifically a gothic novel set in an English manor in Mexico, which means that it is a gothic novel about colonialism.

Does Mexican Gothic have romance?

Mexican Gothic takes us on a familiar Gothic Romance ride: terrifying, sexy, thrilling, and gorgeous.

Who is the villain in Mexican Gothic?

Catalina and Virgil have more traditional roles usually seen in gothic literature. Catalina is the damsel in distress and Virgil is the dastardly villain.

What is high place in Mexican Gothic?

High Place is a dilapidated Victorian-style mansion in the old mining village of El Triunfo. Noemí travels from Mexico City to High Place to visit her cousin Catalina, who sent Noemí’s father a disturbing letter in which she mentioned hearing voices and strange images in the house.

What type of book is Mexican Gothic?

Mexican Gothic

Is there a second book to Mexican Gothic?

For those who already read the book and are eager for more from Moreno-Garcia, she’s releasing another book. “Velvet Was the Night,” coming August 2021, takes place in Mexico City in the 1970s and promises that same sense of swirling mystery and darkness as “Mexican Gothic.”

Is Mexican Gothic translated?

Is this book coming out in any other countries, and any film interest yet? I’ve never had much luck with translation but Gods of Jade and Shadow and Mexican Gothic will be translated into a handful of languages.

Will Mexican Gothic be a movie?

A brand-new horror series is hitting Hulu in the future—and no one’s more excited about it than Mark Consuelos. In case you missed it, the Riverdale star and his wife Kelly Ripa are teaming up with Hulu to produce a series adaptation of Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s bestselling horror novel, Mexican Gothic.

Is Mexican Gothic about vampires?

There are strange goings on in High House – Catalina experiences strange nightmares, a constant buzzing sound, and witnesses sudden and hysterical turns by her cousin Noemí. The primary comparative work to ‘Mexican Gothic’ is ‘Dracula’. So much so, that I was convinced the Doyle’s would be vampires.

What is the source of the Doyle family’s power?

Once upon a time, Howard Doyle, Virgil’s father and the family patriarch, learned of the healing properties of an indigenous mushroom
it was so powerful it could extend life–maybe even grant immortality. Over the centuries, he used incest and cannibalism to combine his family’s bloodline with this mushroom.

How old is Howard Doyle Mexican Gothic?

Howard is actually around three hundred years old. He has the power to transmute his memories into the gloom and then live on in another’s body. He’s been doing this with family members to preserve the potency of his powers.

Who wrote Mexican Gothic?

Who was the protagonist in Mexican Gothic?

Noemí Taboada

The protagonist of the novel, this character travels to a remote Mexican village to assess the health of her cousin.

What is the conflict of Mexican Gothic?

Howard, a bad-smelling and very elderly man, makes passes at and shares his racist eugenics theories with Noemí. Noemí instantly falls into conflict with Catalina’s husband Virgil, the Doyle heir, over her desire to have Catalina evaluated by a psychiatrist, though Virgil grudgingly agrees to her demands.

What is the theme of Mexican Gothic?

“MEXICAN GOTHIC is a pitch-perfect Gothic novel.” “Moreno-Garcia weaves elements of Mexican folklore with themes of decay, sacrifice, and rebirth, casting a dark spell all the way to the visceral and heart-pounding finale.”