Is Monday’s not coming based on a true story?

Monday’s story is fictional. Unfortunately, it’s inspired by very real events: When black girls go missing throughout the country, they’re disappearances are often ignored by police, the media, and even their own communities.

What is the plot of the book Monday’s not coming?

Monday’s Not Coming (2018) is a young adult novel by Tiffany D. Jackson. She employs a nonlinear narrative to explore issues of race, mental illness, and media bias. Claudia Coleman narrates the story of how her best friend, Monday Charles, disappeared for a year, and no one but Claudia seemed to notice or care.

What was wrong with Claudia in Monday’s not coming?

Losing Monday is emotionally painful for Claudia, who has no other friends. But without Monday to help her with homework, Claudia is finally diagnosed with dyslexia and learns to read properly, and she also begins to make new friends at dance class and church.

What happens to Monday in Monday’s not coming?

Suddenly, Claudia remembered that Monday was dead. She returned home and her mother filled her in: Monday had died two years ago after being stuffed in her freezer, alongside August.

Who is Charles in Monday’s not coming?

Charles is April, Monday, August, and Tuesday’s mother
she murders Monday and August and is the novel’s primary antagonist. She’s a single mother who lives with the children in Ed Borough. She and her husband, Tip, have been separated for some time—and Mrs.

How many pages are in Monday’s not coming?


ISBN-13: 9780062422682
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/23/2019
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 464

What does Claudia’s dad do for a living?

Claudia’s father is a truck driver and her mom runs a catering / baking business from home. They don’t have much, but they love Claudia and provide for her.

What did Ma reveal to Claudia after tip ran from Claudia and Michael?

Later that night, Ma tells Claudia that Monday has been dead for almost three years
Claudia just keeps forgetting. Over the next week, Claudia begins to recover. Her parents give her an iPhone, so Claudia pores over articles and news clips covering Monday’s death.

How old is Claudia in Monday’s not coming?

Claudia, a fourteen-year-old African American girl, begins the book by saying, “This is the story of how my best friend disappeared.” Monday Charles has been like a sister to Claudia, and when she doesn’t arrive at school the first day, Claudia knows something is wrong.

What does the before mean in Monday’s not coming?

Each “The After” takes place during Claudia’s 8th grade year without Monday, after she discovers Monday is missing. Each “The Before” takes place during Monday and Claudia’s 7th grade year together, “One Year Before the Before” is 6th grade and so on.

How old is August in Monday’s not coming?

Monday is Claudia’s best friend and Mrs. Charles’s daughter. When she’s not busy caring for her little brother, August, 13-year-old Monday spends most of her time outside of school at the library (her favorite place) or Claudia’s house, making up dances to their favorite songs.

Who is tip Charles?

Tip Charles is Monday’s father. He and Mrs. Charles are separated and for a majority of the novel, Tip doesn’t appear in person. In the “Before” timeline, Tip hasn’t seen his children in years because he owes Mrs.

What year does Monday’s Not Coming take place?

Claudia’s Middle School, Washington, D.C., 2010s

In the time “Before the Before,” Claudia and Monday spend time in school together. In “The Before,” Claudia uses her time in school to figure out what happened to Monday.

Where does Monday’s Not Coming take place?

one year later.” As MONDAY’S NOT COMING begins, it’s the last year of middle school at Warren Kent in Washington, D.C., and Claudia’s best friend is missing. When Monday doesn’t show up for the first day of school, Claudia worries, and as the days pass, Claudia’s sure something’s wrong.

What genre of book is Mondays not coming?

Monday’s Not Coming

Where does Monday live in Monday’s not coming?

In Monday’s Not Coming, after spending the summer with her grandmother in Georgia, Claudia returns home to Southeast, her neighborhood in Washington DC, ready to enter eighth grade, but worried about her best friend Monday, who didn’t write her a single letter the whole time she was gone.

Who is Maureen Peal?

Maureen is a snobby, uppity light-skinned girl with money who is new to the neighborhood. Maureen comes to symbolize a different kind of black family – the upwardly mobile, light-skinned African-American family that disdains darker-skinned black people.

Who is Pecola talking to at the end of the novel?

Pecola worries that her mother does not see her new friend. The imaginary friend begins talking about Cholly.

How old is Pecola?

Pecola is the eleven-year-old black girl around whom the story revolves. She is abused by almost everyone in the novel and eventually suffers two traumatic rapes.