Is survivor based on a book?

What happens in the book Survivor?

Survivor is the story of Tender Branson, who becomes the last surviving member of what the media calls the Creedish Death Cult. The novel begins with Tender on a plane as he records his life story into the flight recorder of Flight 2039.

Did Tender Branson survive?

as it turns out, Tender Branson is one of the last surviving members of a Creedish Cult. he hijacks the plane to tell his story to the world before crashing the plane into the Australian Outback.

Who is the author of Survivor?


Where does the book Survivor take place?

Tender Branson―last surviving member of the Creedish Death Cult―is dictating his life story into Flight 2039’s recorder. He is all alone in the airplane, which will crash shortly into the vast Australian outback.

Why is Survivor by Octavia Butler out of print?

Survivor (1978) is part of the Pattern series, but has not been reprinted since 1981. Butler repudiated the novel and refused to allow it to be reprinted: When I was young, a lot of people wrote about going to another world and finding either little green men or little brown men, and they were always less in some way.

Is Survivor part of the Patternist series?

Survivor is a science fiction novel by American writer Octavia E. Butler. First published in 1978 as part of Butler’s “Patternist series”, Survivor is the only one of Butler’s early novels not to be reprinted after its initial editions.

Is Erin Hunter still writing warriors?

Because Erin Hunter is not an actual person, these books were signed by Victoria Holmes on her behalf. As of 14 April 2017, Holmes announced on her Facebook page that she would no longer be writing for the series as she feels she has reached the point where she can contribute no more to the story.

How many Erin Hunter books are there?

There are over 60 books in the Warriors series! This includes the original six-book Warriors series, and four other spinoffs: Power of Three, The New Prophecy, Omen of the Stars, and Dawn of the Clans, as well as stand-alone guides, special editions, and manga.

Is survivors a good book series?

Survivors has garnered positive reviews, with critics praising the pacing, characters, and “magical” style of writing.