Is the book Ordinary Grace a true story?

Bev was on to something when she said that the story is so realistic, she had to believe at least some of it is real. Kent confirmed that a number of things in the story are variations on things and people he has known in his life. Like Frankie, Kent’s father was a minister.

What is the story of Ordinary Grace?

“Ordinary Grace” by William Kent Krueger is an exceptionally well-written novel of coming-of-age in a small town in Minnesota during the summer of 1961. This book holds a mystery when one of the five deaths is a murder, but it also speaks of wisdom, secrets, forgiveness, the love of family, faith and miracles.

Where is the book Ordinary Grace set?

The story is centered around the Drum family who lives in New Bremen, Minnesota.

How does the book Ordinary Grace end?

Shortly after, Frank and his family leave New Bremen to move to St. Paul, Minnesota. The book concludes with an epilogue set in 2001, where Frank tells of the of the fates of the numerous, surviving characters that populated his New Bremen past. Ordinary Grace functions as both a mystery and a coming-of-age story.

Who died in the book Ordinary Grace?

As the summer of 1961 begins in New Bremen, Minnesota, 13-year-old Frank Drum and his younger brother Jake are about to attend the funeral of their young friend, Bobby Cole, who was killed while playing on the railroad tracks.

Is Ordinary Grace religious?

Spirituality is an integral part of all of Krueger’s books, and in “Ordinary Grace,” he explores religious belief by contrasting Pastor Drum’s faith in God with his wife’s skepticism. Krueger says the “seed of the kind of book I wanted to write” was in his mind for more than five years.

Who is Frank in Ordinary Grace?

Who is Frank in Ordinary Grace?

Cleve Police officer.
Frank Narrator. Protagonist.
Gus Mr. Drum’s brother-like friend.
Lizzie Frank’s family car. A 1995 Packard Clipper car. Frank’s favorite.

Do you need to read Cork O’Connor books in order?

Cork O’Connor ages in real-time, unlike other characters like Sherlock Holmes or even Jack Reacher. Reading the William Kent Krueger books in order for his Cork O’Connor series is recommended starting from Iron Lake.

Is this Tender Land Based on a true story?

This Tender Land is a heartfelt, true to life Depression-era story filled with courage, determination, and heroism. In a letter to readers, author William Kent Krueger talks about his own difficult journey while writing this book.

How many pages are in Ordinary Grace?


ISBN-13: 9781451645859
Publisher: Atria Books
Publication date: 03/04/2014
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 5,522

Who narrated Ordinary Grace?

Rich Orlow

Listening Length 10 hours and 59 minutes
Narrator Rich Orlow
Whispersync for Voice Ready Release Date March 26, 2013
Publisher Recorded Books

Is this tender land a sequel to Ordinary Grace?

On September 3, 2019, William Kent Krueger will release his second standalone novel, This Tender Land, which he calls a “companion novel” to his 2013 bestseller Ordinary Grace.

Who is Nathan in Ordinary Grace?

Nathan Drum is husband to Ruth Drum and father to Ariel, Frank, and Jake Drum. A Methodist minister, Nathan presides over services at three different churches in the New Bremen area, including at his own church, which is directly across the street from the Drum’s house.

What is William Kent Krueger’s most popular book?

This Tender Land

What is William Kent Krueger’s first book?

He wrote short stories and sketches for many years, but this was not until the age of 40 when he finished the manuscript of his first novel, “Iron Lake”.

Who is William Kent Krueger’s wife?

I married—that lovely Cornhusker named Diane—and we pretty much had a ball. Then we conceived our first child and had to get serious about life. In the summer of 1980, we moved to St. Paul, Minnesota so that Diane could attend law school.