Is the Millennium Wolves a real book?

Welcome to “The Millennium Wolves,” an immersive book series by Sapir Englard from Israel.

Where can I read millennium wolves?

The Millennium Wolves by Sapir Englard is now available to read on the Galatea app! Read the first two chapters below, or download Galatea for the full experience. The app has received recognition from BBC, Forbes and The Guardian for being the hottest app for explosive new Romance, Science Fiction &amp
Fantasy novels.

How many books are in the Millennium Wolves series?

Werewolf romance smash-hit, The Millennium Wolves spans over 7 books and has been read over 125 million times on the Galatea app. The app has received recognition from BBC, Forbes and The Guardian as many begin to notice that The Millennium Wolves is selling faster than Fifty Shades.

Who wrote the Millennium Wolves on Galatea?

It’s noteworthy, then, that the young digital publisher Galatea is receiving so much interest for its bestselling novel The Millennium Wolves. What’s even more notable is that the novel was written by the now famous author Sapir Englard during her night shifts in the army when she was only nineteen years old.

What is the Galatea app?

Galatea is an app that makes reading easy. Instead of thick, intimidating paperbacks, you can read books on your phone. The app delivers a book to you one or two sentences at a time—all you need to do is tap the screen to move through the story.

Is Galatea free?

Relax and dive into a great story! Enjoy our bestselling stories for free.

Who is Sapir Englard?

By day, Sapir Englard is a music student in Boston. By night, she’s the wildly successful writer behind a romance series that’s burning up phones around the world.

Is Goodreads free?

Information. No – Goodreads is a completely free book review and recommendation site, so you won’t need to pay to access the site or app, unless you’re an author who is creating a giveaway.

Is there a sequel to Millennium wolves?

Ghosted Soul (The Millennium Wolves, #2) by Sapir Englard.

What is the first book in Millennium wolves? Millennial Werewolf (Wolf Clan Series Book 1) eBook : Pieslak, Dixie: Kindle Store.

Who plays Aiden Norwood?

Shane Harper (I)

Shane Harper began dancing, singing, and acting in community theater at the age of 9.

How do I read books on Galatea?

Not all of our books are Immersive Stories. If a book isn’t on this shelf, the only option to read it is by scrolling through the chapters like a regular ebook at this time. Galatea currently offers Audiobooks in English and German! Navigating audiobooks is just as easy as navigating through the other books we have.

What is the book Millennium wolves about?

Follow Sienna as a nineteen year-old werewolf with a secret: she’s the only virgin in the pack. She’s dead set on making it through this year’s Haze without giving into her primal urges—but when she meets Aiden, the alpha, she forgets all about her self-control.

Does iReader cost money?

iReader is the new way to access classic and new books on your iPhone or iPad. Providing completely free access to a huge, expanding library of books, iReader is a beautiful, minimalist experience with gorgeous page turn animation and zero delay text layout.

How much does Galatea app cost?

Each story is broken into a series of 10-minute episodes, and users will receive one episode for free each day. If they want more, they’ll pay with in-app purchases of points they can spend – 40 points cost $1.99, while 250 points cost $9.99.

How much is a book on Galatea?

Buying Options

Print List Price: $12.00
Kindle Price: $8.99 Save $3.01 (25%)
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers Price set by seller.

Why is Galatea not working?

When your books aren’t loading, the cause is usually either your network connection or your storage. Network connection: Try switching between WiFi and cellular data, or try switching from one WiFi network to another WiFi network.

Can I use Galatea offline?

Enjoy Galatea how you choose including Offline Reading and Dark Mode!

How does Inkitt make money?

If you win the contest, not only do you get a cash prize, but they also help promote your writing so you can get more readers and help boost your career. In addition to its other specialty contests, Inkitt offers monthly contests. Monthly winners get a $300 cash prize, an Inkitt book badge, and social media feature.

Is Inkitt a safe app?

So yes, Inkitt is legit, and we want to share with you exactly how to get started using it! Inkitt is a completely free platform where anyone in the world can make an account and instantly submit their novels.

How do you write werewolves?

How To Write Werewolf Characters #SHORTS

Why you shouldn’t use Goodreads?

The social networking site now has millions of users who rate and review books, find recommendations for new ones and track their reading. But over time, Goodreads has also become a hunting ground for scammers and trolls looking to con smaller authors, take down books with spammed ratings, cyberstalk users or worse.

How can I read books online for free?

11 Great Places to Read Free Books Online

  1. BookBub.
  2. Project Gutenberg.
  3. World Public Library.
  4. Riveted.
  5. Radish.
  6. International Children’s Digital Library.
  7. Smashwords.
  8. OverDrive.

How do I get free books on Goodreads?

If a book is readable, you’ll see a green Read Book button below the cover image. Just click on that to start reading! You can find a list of all the free readable ebooks on Goodreads here.

What should I read after Fifty Shades trilogy?

26 Steamy Books like Fifty Shades of Grey

  • No in Between by Lisa Renee Jones. A suspenseful, steamy romance.
  • Screwdrivered by Alice Clayton.
  • The Training by Tara Sue Me.
  • The Siren by Tiffany Reisz.
  • Deadly Sexy by Beverly Jenkins.
  • The Professional by Kresley Cole.
  • Knight by Kristen Ashley.
  • The Breathless Trilogy by Maya Banks.