Is there a book based on Behind Her Eyes?

Behind Her Eyes is a thriller novel by English author Sarah Pinborough, published on 23 January 2017 by HarperCollins Publishers and Flatiron Books. The novel was adapted into a Netflix television series of the same name.

What happens in Behind Her Eyes book?

Book Details

Behind Her Eyes is the masterful psychological thriller from Sarah Pinborough with the ending everyone is talking about – the story of a marriage like you’ve never imagined. Meet Louise. She is a hard-working single mom, stuck in a rut. One rare night out, she meets a man in a bar and the sparks fly.

Is Behind Her Eyes worth reading?

In fact, the novel Behind her Eyes was marketed with its own hashtag, #WTFThatEnding. So if you’re looking for a compelling, sexy, terrifying story based on manipulation and mind games, it’s worth the read.

Is there a book sequel to Behind Her Eyes?

‘Behind Her Eyes’ Author Sarah Pinborough Is Worried About Adam Too, But There Won’t Be A Sequel Sarah Pinborough Breaks Down Her Book Turned Hit Netflix Series. I watch a lot of television shows and films, but there are only a handful of the things that I consume that stick with me long after viewing them.

What does Louise look like in Behind Her Eyes book?

Louise’s appearance is different in the book

My Louise was a little bit overweight,” she said. “Simona [Brown] is drop-dead gorgeous but what she’s got well is Louise’s ditziness and being a bit uncomfortable in [her own skin].

How many Harlan Coben series are on Netflix?

Here then, are all nine Harlan Coben series so far (Hold Tight, Shelter and more are also on their way) listed in order from least to most enjoyable, along with details of where they can be streamed.

What happens to Adam at the end of Behind Her Eyes?

Louise’s son, Adam, immediately realizes that something is wrong with his mother, and the series ends with a shot of Adam looking miserable.

Is Louise Rob in Behind Her Eyes?

It’s Rob! And here it is, the Easter egg that should’ve told us everything we needed to know: The green “astral soul” is literally snaking its way out of Rob’s body and circling Louise’s eye. Rob is literally behind Louise’s eye… a.k.a. the final twist at the end of the show.

Who is the antagonist in Behind Her Eyes?

Rob was – as far as the show told us – the only LGBTQ+ character. So, by revealing him to be the villain of the piece, Behind Her Eyes was wading into murky waters. His sexuality was not inconsequential to Rob’s “bad guy” role in the show’s finale twist.

What should I read after Behind Her Eyes?

9 Books like Behind Her Eyes

  • The Shining, by Stephen King.
  • Gone Girl, by Gillian Flynn.
  • Rebecca, by Daphne du Maurier.
  • The Guest List, by Lucy Foley.
  • Trust No One, by Paul Cleave.
  • Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk.
  • Shutter Island, by Dennis Lehane.

How many hours is Behind Her Eyes?

The average reader will spend 5 hours and 20 minutes reading this book at 250 WPM (words per minute). How quickly can you read this book? To find your reading speed you can take one of our WPM tests.

Is pieces of her a stand alone novel?

While the author has a history of writing her books in series, Pieces of Her was written to stand alone.

What does limited series mean on Netflix?

Though the term “limited series” has eclipsed “miniseries”—primarily to allow for additional seasons—those of us who grew up with the latter term know that it generally means a short, excellently-crafted event watch. No matter what you want to call them, the 11 series below certainly fit that bill.

Is there a season 2 of Ratched?

Ratched season 2 is not coming to Netflix in May 2022.

Does little fires everywhere have season 2?

So, it is confirmed that the second season of the series Little Fires Everywhere will soon arrive. Washington has announced this on Instagram.

How did Adele get a black eye in Behind Her Eyes?

She tells David her black eye came from a cupboard door and that it’s her own fault. David tells Adele he can’t look after her anymore and she says, “We share something that we can never tell anyone … You know you can never leave me, David.” It is just the two of them in the room.

How is Behind Her Eyes different from book?

In the Behind Her Eyes series, Louise does not seem very manipulative even though she begins sleeping with David. She confesses that she really likes both David and Adele and uses their unhappy marriage as an excuse for the affair she is having with David. However, in the book Louise plays more of a sinister role.

Is Louise Black in the book?

1. Louise Isn’t Explicitly Black in the Book. Pinborough, through Adele, describes Louise as “prettier than she thinks and for the sake of half a stone she’d have a wonderful figure.

What is Harlan Coben’s most popular book?

#1: Play Dead. Cobens first book. The fact that I read it almost 25 years later and still loved it really says a lot. On top of that, it’s a very different style of book where everyone knows the answers – but no-one is talking.

What is the next Harlan Coben series on Netflix?

Hold Tight landed on Netflix on Friday, April 22nd, 2022. Based on the novel of the same name by Harlan Coben, the Polish adaptation tells the story of those living in a tight-knit Warsaw suburb and the impact that a young man’s disappearance has on the affluent residents.

How many Harlan Coben books have been made into movies?

Mystery and thriller writer Harlan Coben struck a multi-million-dollar, five-year deal with Netflix for 14 of his books to be adapted into series or films for the online platform. So far there are 10 Coben works to watch on Netflix, two of which were specially created for Netflix.

What is David’s Secret in Behind Her Eyes?

In one episode, David told Adele that he wanted a divorce because he couldn’t carry on with their miserable, loveless relationship. Adele told him that wasn’t an option and reminded him of the dark secret they shared about Rob’s death. That threat made it clear that David was trapped in the marriage and couldn’t leave.

Does Louise end up with David?

Rob-as-Louise then marries David, inheriting Adele’s fortune in the process, and they drive off discussing honeymoon ideas, with Louise’s poor son Adam in the back seat.

What is David hiding Adele?

When hiding the body in the well at her parents’ estate, Adele dropped David’s watch into the well too, which is why Adele and David could never break up – because they were both implicated in the death together and she could realistically blame him if things ever went sour.

Is Rob in love with David?

Rob’s crush on David

Actually, it’s clear now he was in love with her life, and obsessed with wanting to be her. From the first time he meets David, Rob’s crush on him is clear. Some might perceive it as jealousy, but as far as longing stares go there is an absolute romantic vibe between them.

Did David start the fire in Behind Her Eyes?

More than once it’s suggested that either Adele or David started the fire at Fairdale, her family’s estate. Eventually, we learn that Adele was astral projecting when it happened and feels that if she hadn’t been having her out-of-body experience, she would have been able to save her parents.

Is Behind Her Eyes creepy?

Is Behind Her Eyes scary? Behind Her Eyes isn’t a horror, but it is a psychological thriller, meaning that there are definitely some spooky elements to it. Speaking about the show, Tom Bateman – who plays David – told “I think they [the viewers] can expect the unexpected.