Question: What book is the secret she keeps based on?

The Secrets She Keeps

The Secret She Keeps
Genre Drama Psychological thriller
Created by Michael Robotham
Based on The Secrets She Keeps by Michael Robotham
Written by Sarah Walker Jonathan Gavin

What happens in The Secrets She Keeps book?

The Secrets She Keeps is a 2017 novel by Michael Robotham, a former investigative journalist turned ghost writer, now a leading Australian crime author. The book is fiction, but its central plot – the abduction of a new-born from a hospital hours after birth – is reported to be inspired by a real life kidnapping.

Is the show the secrets that she keeps Based on a true story?

The new BBC drama is based on a novel by Michael Robotham in 2017, which was inspired by a real life kidnapping. Australian psychological thriller The Secrets She Keeps follows the story of two pregnant women who share the same due date, and despite living very different lives, develop an unexpected bond.

What is Megan’s Secret in The Secrets She Keeps?

During the series, we discovered that Meghan had been keeping a secret about her child as its revealed she cheated on husband Jack with friend Simon.

What happens at end of The Secrets She Keeps?

Aggie survives on The Secrets She Keeps

The show didn’t opt for a traditional ending. It turns out the police shot Aggie, but in the shoulder. It gave the police time to arrest Aggie. The last we see her is in a prison cell, where her voiceover says the police took away her choice to die.

Is there a sequel to The Secrets She Keeps?

Secrets scores a sequel.

Network 10’s critically acclaimed psychological thriller from 2020, The Secrets She Keeps, keeps on giving, with production of a second season to commence later this year in Sydney, supported by Screen Australia.

Who was Nicky in The Secrets She Keeps?

Nicky is played by Richard Sydenham in The Secret She Keeps.

How much of The Secrets She Keeps is true?

Is The Secrets She Keeps based on a true story? No, not exactly. But the book the series is based on was inspired by the kidnapping of newborn baby Abbie Sundgren in Nottingham in 1994. Just three hours after her birth, she was taken by a woman posing as a nurse claiming that Abbie needed a hearing test.

Is Michael Robotham Australian?

Two times Gold Dagger winning and twice Edgar short-listed author Michael Robotham was born in Australia in November 1960 and grew up in small country towns that had more dogs than people and more flies than dogs. He escaped in 1979 and became a cadet journalist on an afternoon newspaper in Sydney.

Who is Simon in the secrets she keeps?

Who does Ryan Corr play in The Secrets She Keeps? In new drama The Secrets She Keeps, Ryan plays Simon Beecher, the family friend of Meghan and Jack O’Shaughnessy, with whom Meghan had an affair. In the series, Simon has his suspicions that he is the father to Meghan’s unborn child.

What happens in Episode 6 of the secrets she keeps?

Episode 6 concludes with Agatha meeting up with Meghan, supposedly to give Ben back to his mother but after he is returned, Agatha pulls a gun on the pair. Luckily, Meghan and Ben remain unharmed as an armed police officer shoots Agatha in the arm, leading to her arrest and for Meghan’s family to be reunited.

What happened to Agatha’s baby in the secrets she keeps?

The Secrets She Keeps spoilers

However the baby soon became ill and with Agatha refusing to take him to see doctors, she went on the run. The TV show ended with a tense confrontation between Meghan and Agatha, who was armed with a gun. Ultimately, the baby boy was returned to his rightful mother unharmed.

What happened in Episode 4 of the secrets she keeps?

The Secrets She Keeps – Season 1, Episode 4

16 Agatha has created her perfect family with her baby and Hayden. But an old flame of Agatha’s threatens to thwart her plans. 16L Heavily pregnant supermarket shelf-stacker Agatha is obsessed with Meghan Shaughnessy’s seemingly perfect life.

Will there be a season 2 of the secrets we keep?

As of late January 2022, Amazon has yet to renew the twisty thriller starring Lily Rabe, Amy Brenneman, and Hamish Linklater.

Where is the secret she keeps filmed?

The story is set in Sydney, just like in Michael Robotham’s novel – the book that the series is based on. Filming took place on location in Sydney and in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia.

Who is Nicky to Agatha?

Nicky is actually Agatha’s ex-husband and the father of her stillborn child, Chloe. She killed him because she feared he would reveal her secret to her mum. In the scenes leading up to his death, Agatha met Nicky at a cafe – and he appeared to be more than a bit suspicious.

What happened in Episode 1 of the secrets she keeps?

Meghan Shaughnessy is happily pregnant with her third child, husband Jack is less so, worried with money issues and stressed at work. Agatha Fyfle is also pregnant, but their two lives couldn’t be more different. Both women have secrets, and their worlds are about to collide.

Where is Julie Kelley now?

The disturbed woman who had abducted her, 22-year-old Julie Kelley, was put on probation and has now forged a new life in a village in the Midlands. Disillusioned by life in Britain, Abbie’s family emigrated to New Zealand when she was ten.